Teen takes relatives hostage

By October 11, 2020Crime Notes, News

A 19-year-old teen in Sta. Maria town was arrested by police after taking some relatives hostage.

P/Captain Jervel Rillorta, Sta. Maria chief of police, said police arrested Rey John Acosta, after her mother reported him to the police, who flew into a fit of rage while holding a fan knife (balisong) and held five hostages, all members of the household.

The police investigation showed the young Acosta attempted to escape to a neighbor’s house after he released his hostages after a negotiation but was intercepted and held down after a brief scuffle.

Acosta threatened to kill anyone who’d dare approach him.

None of the victims was hurt but one policeman was slightly hurt in the scuffle.

The suspect’s family, said the teen appeared to be suffering from severe depression, and was acting strangely days before the incident. Acosta is currently under police custody.

While the relatives did not file charges against Acosta, the policeman who was hurt filed charges of direct assault against him. (Ahikam Pasion)

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