Sick and abandoned elderly “adopted” by couple

A college professor and his girlfriend have long opened their hearts and pockets to care for  the sick and abandoned elderly who slept on street sides of Dagupan City.

Despite his meager income, Reynald Soriano, 36, who works at the University of Luzon, and his girlfriend , Christine, have already “adopted” nine elderlies (ages 60s to 80s,) from different towns in Pangasinan who slept on the city’s side streets, by providing them a temporary home, food to eat and love for the past nine years.

Soriano and Christine (and some Good Samaritans), do their special mission to the elderly by treating them like their own parents.

They used to visit them only on the side streets and gave them food every now and then, while doing home visits to elderly with whom they have fostered a special bond through time.

Later, the couple and some friends decided to rent an apartment for them in Barangay Guilig, Dagupan City. So far, one is currently in the intensive care unit of a private hospital, while two have returned to their families after Soriano successfully located them. Three had passed away.

He and Christine would go to the apartment on their free time daily to cook for them and bathe them.

He did not want to post any of his and his friends activities on Facebook until someone posted about his charitable work, citing how one old man got seriously ill and none of his family, including a daughter working overseas, was willing to take care of him and his hospital bill.

Though hesitant to talk about it, he said he was convinced by his group that there could be some good samaritans who can come forward to help with the old man’s hospital bills if they learn about it.

Soriano, who is a lector/commentator at the St. John The Evangelist Cathedral in Dagupan City, said when difficult times come, “God takes control and sends good-hearted people to bring help”.

He said he is happy that his girlfriend, who also helps in their church, supports his mission.

Asked until when they would continue doing their charity, Soriano said, “For as long as Christine and I are alive.”

He added, “It’s up to God to decide. There will be signs.” (PhilStar Wire Service/ECV)

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