Re: Unsolicited Advice to Mayor Brian Lim

By August 6, 2019News, Punch Forum

Flooding, flooding pa more, no solution to flooding. You blamed it to former Mayor Belen, but you did not blame your father BSL.

Now you are overwhelmed by the problem. You created an Anti- Flood Commission for Dagupan. I sensed that is another U.P. Planades like the one created by your father before and spent millions of pesos to study the overall problem of the city. Where is the result of their report before? It may help you now. Nothing happened with that. I sensed that the created commission now is another % commission to provide another reason to spend the billions of pesos of Dagupan City. Something fishy is happening again. In fairness to the members of the appointed members of the commission, none of them cannot solve even the simplest problem of their drainage canal at home. When it is clogged they will call somebody or maybe a plumber to de-clog it. Each of these people has his own personal job to look after. Unless they will be paid handsome honoraria, then a pitchi-pitchi solution will come out to justify their collection of honoraria.

Now, here’s the simple solution: Forget politics and who’s the most handsome or beautiful between you and Belen. Implement all the flood mitigation project of former Mayor Belen. Anyway, they are being awarded and had been budgeted and viola, the flood will be gone in one-year time.

 Take for example the case of the City Hall Complex, all its surroundings, including the ground floor should be elevated one (1) meter above the road, it will be flood-free, and all will follow the same — public, private, individual business and house and property owners. It’s a very cumbersome process but this is a reality, if I elevate mine and you do not, the water will go to you. As you have said, you adopted the slogan of your father. “Our city, our s a shared responsibility”. It’s the responsibility of every citizen of Dagupan to improve their lives, surroundings and everything for all to have a convenient life. Just like what you did in Malued. You TABON the water area at the back of your Magic Warehouse, that even encroached government property, whatever cost it did to every one of us whether it is it comfortable or miserable. For you, this was a shared responsibility.

Second, continue the dredging of the river, clean the river of all illegal structures whoever the owners are, may they be your party mates or supporters. These may be  maybe, illegal fish pens, illegal shanties near the river bank or at the river bank. They hamper the drainage canal which is the passageway of water from the interior going out to the river during rainy days.

Fishing boards, especially those owned by your friend Mrs. Liling Yasar had made the Pantal River as a boat dock. There are 13 damaged and stocked-up fishing boats anchored at the Pantal River that all  hamper the free flow of flood waters coming from the other flooded towns. You can order your commissioners to go and inspect the Pantal River and give recommendation on what to do with those anchored fishing boats, some of which are already damaged and stayed near the middle of the river for long.

Do not think of another solution, when the solution is already in front of your noses, do not let yourself be a cohort of corruption. 

Paging Mr. Vlad Mata, you have not yet explained the 100 million peso deficit of the past Lim administration, when you were the administrator. Now you said you are here to help. Go to where you are employed.  You are spending your time here when the employers of your other job they are being shortchanged with your absences since you are here, We are waiting for the responsibilities you are supposed to explain to the people of Dagupan, but you ran so fast that no one knew where you were before. You were lost in the darkness of the night. Now, you are here acting as if you know everything when you actually know nothing. You might be misunderstood as a great pretender.

For your information, guidance, and action, on the board guys, do your job diligently and perfectly.

(Sgd.) Lion T. Blaker
Bantay Dagupan Member
Pantal District, Dagupan City

Congratulations for bringing to Dagupan a flood mitigation machine courtesy of  Mr. Mark Villar, Sec. of DPWH and also the five dredging machines extended to Mayor Belen. Thank you Mr. Secretary.

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