Not boredom alone

By August 14, 2019News, Overseas

The recently launched project of Region I Director Malcom Garma of the Department of Education is like an unfinished dissertation, subject to a review.

Aptly called Happy Schools Movement, it’s Garma’s brainchild to solve the student’s habit of leaving the school before finishing  the course.

While regional directors enjoy some sort of autonomy to score a point, the project should be looked into whether it’s a copycat of old lullabies exhumed from the thick files of oldies.

Citing unknown studies, Garma cited boredom as against poverty as the culprit why students leave school.

Garma’s treaties is difficult to reconcile with other disciplines and does not sit well into the analytical minds of seasoned educators.

Boredom and poverty should not be singled out separately but both of them. The two compliment each other.  

Students get bored when the stomach is empty. Poverty!

Excluding poverty and singly blaming boredom as the main cause why students leave school destroyed the main ingredients of the project.

Further, the title, “Happy Schools Movement” needs a complete overhaul.

Leonardo Galvez

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