Re: Playing with Fire Treating a senior citizen

By July 23, 2019News, Punch Forum

Eduardo Aquino Pontaoe

It’s a despicable joke you can see … handicap parking spaces in shopping malls occupied by people without … handicap placards … on display hanging on the rearview mirror of the car, which is mandatory here in America. 

Penalty for misused varies from … $250.00 to $1000.00 dollars.

There ought to be a law demanding the … LTO … to print handicap parking placards for people to use, if they really in need of it – healthwise.

There are two kinds of handicap placards in-use here in America. The permanent and the temporary.

The permanent is given to those who are handicapped for life, which is stamped on the license plate of the car. 

While the temporary is issued every two (2) years until the recipient is well-enough to move on his/her own.

A certification of a doctor is compulsory for the issuance of the placard.

However, there’s a hitch, if them Pinoys are involved. 

Will it work in the Philippines on the idea this … privilege … not getting abused?

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