Kids First earns another feather

By July 22, 2019News, Overseas

LOS ANGELES, California – For the fourth time, Kids First Family Day Care has produced another valedictorian this school year. 

The current honoree is Alexa Miyoshi Yambao who recently graduated at the top of her class at the Christ the King School. 

The other three valedictorians who preceded Alexa are Nicole de los Reyes, El Raine Lavin and Carlene Sanchez. The latter graduated at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School. 

El Raine whose interest is journalism is currently enrolled at Stanford University. 

Paying tribute to her teachers and alma mater, Alexa thanks her mentors for their sound advice and urging her “to keep pushing and never to give up.”

“You guys have taught me loyalty, friendship, love and how to cherish the things I have before they are gone,” Alexa said, directing her message to her teachers who have pushed her to work harder. 

Alexa is the only child of Davao City native, Teresa Miyoshi Yambao, a registered nurse who works at the Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. 

Singling her mother for her sacrifice, Alexa said, “As a single parent, I can’t imagine what it’s like and what you went through”, lavishly thanking her mom endlessly and unconditionally.

Along with the other three valedictorians, Alexa started her early childhood schooling at the KFFDC owned and managed by Teacher Susan M Garcia,.

Teacher Susan who took up Early Childhood Education at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) was personally invited by Alexa’s mother to witness the historic graduation of her only child.

“The sterling accomplishments of the four valedictorians who started their early childhood education at the KFFDC is a reflection at how the management of the facility prioritizes learning as a cornerstone of its mission”, Teacher Susan said. 

Living up to its slogan, “We Teach, They Learn”, the facility has earned the trust of the  parents and community. Its catch phrase is: “A Preschool in a Day Care, a Day Care in a Preschool”.       

 The 14-year old valedictorian whose interest is about forensics will continue her schooling at the IHMHS, the same school where Los Angeles native, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex graduated.

Alexa was given $5,000 grant by the school as a recognition of her accomplishments. (Leonardo J Galvez, Sunday Punch Correspondent)

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