Former teacher blasts drug trade in W. Pangasinan

By March 26, 2019News, Overseas

LOS ANGELES, California – Concerned citizens of Alaminos City who called America their home were elated when the names of government officials involved in the illegal drug trade were released.  

        One of the three congressmen named by President Digong is First District Representative Jesus Celeste of Bolinao. Some government officials included in the narco-list are candidates in the coming election.

         Nelia Bajit-Bernstein, a former teacher of the Alaminos National High School vented her anger to the heartless public servants who enriched themselves at the expense of law-abiding citizens. 

        An adviser of the Hundred Islands, ANHS official publication, Bernstein disclosed that the proliferation of illegal drugs in her city is the handy-work of politicians whose obsession in life is to get filthy rich. 

        “Not until the illegal trading of drugs stops, I have no plans to return to the city of my birth”, adding that her safety and security are not “for sale”.  

        Bernstein immigrated to the US in 1991 after she left her job as media information officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs. 

        Like his brother Celeste, the city’s incumbent mayor hails from Bolinao which is located in the north-eastern most part of Pangasinan facing the China Sea.

      Queried about the suspicious-looking ship docked not far from the shores of Bolinao, Bernstein – citing information she received from her city mates – said the vessel was reported to be carrying tons of illegal drugs that were carted away by fishermen in disguised.

        She lamented the absence of coast guards in the area at the time when drugs are being smuggled from China. 

        Bernstein said that those engaged in illegal marketing of drugs became rich in so short a time. 

        She revealed that a retired elementary school teacher and her (also) retired policeman-husband amassed unexplained wealth as shown by the three big houses worth millions plus several vehicles that the couple owned.  (Leonardo J Galvez, Punch Correspondent)

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