Financiers, Legislators top dance sports contests

By December 9, 2018News, Sports


LINGAYEN— Financiers and Legislators squads topped the dance sports competition of the ongoing Capitol Sportsfest “Pagalaw tan Olupan ed Gobyerno Itanduto (POGI)”.

Financiers couple Michael Angelo Santos and Anna Christine Phera Pale won the championship in the standard category while Legislators duo Marcelo Soriano and Harriette Hernandez bagged the top plum in the Latin category.

The dancesports contest was held on December 4 at the Wellness Center located within the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center.

Runners up in the standard category overall ranking (in particular order) were: Generals (Joenard Manuel and Lea Cerezo), Builders (Vernie Pascual and Melanie Ramos), Legislators (Michael Machree Gonzales and Atty. Verna Nava-Perez), Warriors (Geovani Cayabyab and Nikki Lumibao), Benchmark (Jeffrey Pulmano and Jennifer Santos), and Medics (Roy Warren Cuison and Merlita Parentela).

Runners-up in the latin category overall ranking (in particular order) were: Generals (Anthony Cacapit and Jenylyn Javan), Benchmark (Lloyd Darylle Palma and Nikki Nicolas), Builders (Elmer Geminiano and Monalyn Manaois), Warriors (Alvin Ignacio and Hanna Santos), Financiers (Mike Hernandez and Keanne Kyssel Cruz), Medics (Alfonso Jose dela Cruz and Veronica de Vera).

The standard category had three component dances (waltz, tango, and quickstep) while the Latin category had chachacha, rumba and jive as component dances

Top three winners in component dances of the standard category were: Waltz (Financiers, Generals and Builders); Tango (Financiers, Legislators, Generals); and Quickstep (Financiers, Generals and Builders).

The top three winners in component dances of the Latin category in ChaChaCha were the  Benchmark, Generals, and Legislators; Legislators, Generals, Benchmark in Rumba and Legislators, Generals, Benchmark in Jive. (PIO/MGNO)

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