Fil-Am entrepreneurs hold trade roadshow in Ca. USA

By June 24, 2018News, Overseas

A PRESENTATION as a prelude to the Travel, Trade, Tourism, and Consumer Roadshow was held on June 2, 2018 at Rickenbacker Hall, Long Beach Marriott, 4700 Airport Plaza Drive, Long Beach, California to help Philippine manufacturers/exporters and U.S. distributors/importers successfully market their products in  the United States.

The event was organized by E.C. Ferrer Customs House Broker, Inc. led by Eddie Ferrer, president-CEO, Jacqueline Ferrer and Ferdinand Soriano all former president, chairman of the board and president of the Pangasinan Brotherhood USA, Inc. respectively.

Testimonials were heard from Randy Bautista, Phil. Food Trade; Lydia Banez, Laube Corporation; Dennis Alvarez, IC Green Motoring, Inc.; Rosie Molina, Medgear Inc.; Judd Sungay, Audionics Systems Inc.; and Patric Mamac, A.I. Food Corp.

Annie Nepomuceno and Dan Nino discussed venue preparation and franchise tax respectively while Ferdinand Soriano, CEO of Planet ’63, spoke on product sourcing.

Several new Philippine made products were presented and shown to the participants.

The Major Travel, Trade, Tourism and Consumer Roadshow will take place on August 4-5, 2018 at the Southbay Pavilion, Carson, California. It is produced by Asian Journal Media Group with the cooperation of the Philippine Departments of Trade and Tourism. E. C. Ferrer CHS is the senior organizer. (Ping Coquia)

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