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Nowadays, one of the most important assets for a business is their own website. One might think that a Facebook page is enough, especially since the Philippines can be considered a “Facebook country.” And while there’s no arguing that being active on the right social media platforms can help establish a good reputation, it is not and should not be the end-all, be-all of a business’s online presence. In fact, if you are planning to boost your business with the help of the Internet, then the first thing you have to invest on is proper website.

Having your own website is good for your business for many reasons. First and foremost, it helps establish your credibility; business with its own website is more “legit” compared to those that don’t and that have a more professional image. It also makes your brand more recognizable and more memorable, especially if you have a unique domain name. Having your own website also puts you in control of all your online assets, from personalization  to audience data, instead of relying on the mechanisms of social media networks that you are, in essence, only renting from these sites. With your own website, you can show the right content to the right audience every time.

Establishing your own website is easier than ever these days. Companies like offer a wide range of services like website domain registration and web hosting for those who don’t have a website yet; and WordPress hosting, SSL certifications, and cloud VPS or virtual private servers for those who already do.

If you don’t have a website yet, the first step is two-fold: have a domain name registered and create the design of your website. Your domain name is usually the name of your business, although you can also use terms or nicknames that are already associated with your brand, like the name of your mascot or a flagship product. Meanwhile, your website design should be easy to navigate, both on desktop and mobile, to ensure that visitors don’t get “trapped” or confused. An easy-to-use website is a business-boosting website.

For those want to create a website using WordPress, offers WordPress hosting. Once the server is built, you can already log-in and create your website with ease. There’s also no need to worry about version updates because takes care of this automatically. For those who already have a website on WordPress, you can copy your existing site with just one click.

Another way to boost your business with a website it by making sure that you have a secure network. With the help of SSL or secure socket layers, you can make sure that all online transactions on your website are secure. This builds confidence on the part of the consumers, knowing that their information is safe and that they are less likely to become victims of scams.

Finally, if your business often deals with large volumes of data, it’s wise to invest in a VPS of virtual private server. This way, the data from your website remains secure, accessible only to authorized personnel. Having a VPS also means your website is ready to handle a surge of visitors, which comes in handy for situations like flash sales and other similar promotions.

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