PB-USA holds induction July 7

By May 14, 2018News, Overseas

THE Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA will hold its Induction Ball & Summer Celebration dubbed “BELIEVE IT CAN BE”, on July 7, 2018 at the Long Beach Marriott- Airport Hotel in Long Beach, California.

To be inducted as 2018 officers and members of the board of directors are: Ferdinand B. Soriano, president; Anna M. Soriano, assistant to the president; Elisa Urbano/Assistant, executive vice president; Sue Ann Tumakay/Assistant, vice president; Jesse Mandapat, Dean Mandapat/Assistant, vice president; Mac Posadas, vice president; Steve Soriano/Mary Ann Alejandro/Assistant, vice president; Danny Tejada/Assistant, vice president; Mea & Mark DeLa Cruz, Assistant/vice president;

Helen Rosario Hansen, secretary; Arlene Junio-Soriano, assistant secretary; Grace Alvarez, treasurer; Glenn Alejandro, assistant treasurer; Bart Garcia, auditor; Mel Oxciano, legal officer; Fernando Soriano, finance officer; Tony Soriano, assistant finance officer; Andrew Soriano, public relations, youth & hospitality officer; and Joseph Araquel, social media/IT officer.

The members of the board of directors are Jacqueline Ferrer (chairman), Mellie Soriano, Nieves Coquia, Dean Mandapat, Neil Estrada, Roger Cabal, Lina Cabal, Ferdinand Soriano, Rhenee Ferrer and Elisa Urbano.

Pangasinan Brotherhood USA prides itself as the organization and avenue for collaboration by Pangasinenses in the affairs of their communities in USA, and overseas, providing opportunities for personal growth of Pangasinenses. (Ping Coquia, PUNCH correspondent)

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