Pangasinan Fil-Ams collaborate to produce FIL-AM song

THE officers of FIL-AM Association of Santa Maria Valley, Inc. will launch the “Fil-Am Song” during their induction of officers on February 7, 2015 at the Magic Dragon Restaurant in Santa Maria, California.

The Fil-Am song, an original composition as a result of a two-and-a-half-month collaboration among four of its officers, namely, Dr. Clarito De Francia, Armand Dela Rosa, Charles Lara, and Jim Salazar, is a lively and jazzy musical piece inspired byt the socio-economic, cultural, and traditional interrelationships of Pinoys in the past and present in pursuit of the so-called “American Dream.”

The hymn exalts the Pinoy-American influence in the diverse and multi-cultural melting pot of “Liberty” anchored on the spirit of patriotism in defense of the democratic way of living, emphasizing human rights, freedom of speech, religion, pursuit of happiness, belief in God, etc.

Verses I and II salute the sacrifices of fieldworkers and workers in canneries in the early 1930s and the support for WWII, today’s’ professionals in health care and other fields of specializations, Verses III and IV encapsulate the tears, blood, sweat, thoughts, laughter and achievements of the FIL-AMs. The song’s refrain pays tribute to the vision of winning and enjoying the fulfillment of the “American Dream.”

With the exception of Lara who is from Lasam, Cagayan Valley, the three have roots in Pangasinan. The three: De Francia has roots in Lingayen and Manaoag, Dela Rosa (plays the guitar) in Dagupan City and Salazar in Calasiao.


The 2015-2016 FASMVI Officers,with some Members: Sitting, l-r; Rosie Sagisi, president; Dr. Clarito De Francia, vice-president. Middle row: l-r: Nenita Camba; Tita Dela Rosa; Elena Salazar; Linda Cox, BOD; Lina von Frausing-Borch; LeAnn De Vera; Rosemarie de Francia, Treasurer; Larina Lara. Back row, l-r: Rick Bautista, BOD; Armand Dela Rosa, BOD; Jim Salazar, BOD; Ole von Frausing-Borch, BOD; Jay De Vera, Secretary; and, Charles Lara, Ex-Oficio Officer.#

Dela Rosa provided the rhythm for the lyrics penned by De Fracia through his acoustic guitar while Salazar and Lara collaborated for the total music arrangement.

The other officers will be inducted are Rosario Sagisi, Linda Cox, Larina Lara, Elena Salazar, Rosemarie De Francia, Tita Dela Rosa, John Gonzales, Danette Gonzales, Jason De Vera, LeAnn De Vera, and Medita Turpin.

The song will be distributed to various government offices, academe, print, mass and social media in the Philippines, U.S.A. and other parts of the world.

The song will be uploaded in YouTube after the launch on February 7.

“I am heartily dedicating this song to the 4M Filipino-Americans all over the world,” De Francia said, “especially to those who will be learning and singing it, later.”

Dr. De Francia can be reached at 805 361 3100 or Below are the lyrics the song:


From various parts of the globe

As tourists, migrants or residents

To the greenfields and great cities

We’re in the dreamland, the West.


With our hearts, heads and hands

We pursue the American dream.

We are the FILAM! Proud to be FILAM!

FILAM moves with Wisdom!


Refrain I / II  

Keep focused to the end

Pursuing/ pursuing FILAM’s aim:

Win / enjoy the American dream.


Together, we dance our culture

Together, we sing our traditions

United, we share our values

United, we work for the future


We join arms for prosperity

Scholars in the community

We are the FILAM! Much fun with FILAM!

FILAM builds with Freedom!


(Repeat Refrain)

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