Urdaneta eyes workers’ retrenchment

By February 12, 2006Business, News

Urdaneta City – Mator Amadeo Perez Jr. has formed a task force that will evaluate the performance of employees and determine which department they would be most qualified for. 


This, he said, is in line with the possible retrenchment program to be effected by the city government this year to cut expenses. 


But Perez assured the employees, particularly those holding regular positions, not to worry because retrenchment, if at all implemented, will affect only contractual employees. 


Perez said the task force will determine if there is a need to transfer employees in departments that are overstaffed to departments that are lacking in work force. 


The educational background and expertise of the employees will be evaluated in the study. 


The retrenchment measure was adopted after the national government ordered local government units to streamline their bureaucracy. – APE 


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