Rep. CDV transforms RHU building into monument of arts

By January 9, 2022Governance

BELIEVE it or not, the new Rural Health Unit in Barangay Lipit-Tomeeng in San Fabian is now a tourist attraction and is being hailed today as a virtual monument of arts.

Responsible for the vast transformation of the RHU as an artist masterpiece is Rep. Christopher de Venecia, the new arts patron in the Fourth District of Pangasinan, who personally tapped known artists to give the RHU a new and pleasing outlook.

De Venecia brought to San Fabian the team of CCP 13 led by artist awardee Lee Roy New to draw a concept that could give the RHU a new makeover, in collaboration with local artists.

Their work turned into a beautiful abstract painting, which in the words of De Venecia had given the RHU in Lipit-Tomeeng an “Instagrammable look, if not sexy look”, that can easily attract passersby, especially the youth, with irresistible urge to do a selfie.

This was the strategy of Congressman De Venecia to sell the Fourth District to tourists and investors in a bid to help the Small and Medium-Scale Industries now struggling because of the pandemic and help their workers and other people rise above poverty.

Two months ago, he called local creative artists to a week-long workshop in his Brand Spark project to upgrade their skills and matched them with as many local MSMEs to help improve their brands, logos and outdoor signs to attract more customers and clients.

He also put up the Anakbanwa Residency Project and the Anakbanwa Exhibit that reunited him with national artist Kidlat Tahimik of Baguio and next launched the #Explorer PD 4 contest to further underscore the importance of arts to his constituents in the Fourth District. (Leonardo Micua)

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