De Venecia launches arts residency program

By November 14, 2021Governance

AN arts residency program, the first to be initiated by the government, will roll out this November to enhance talents of local artists as well as aspiring artists.

A brainchild of Fourth  District Rep. Christopher de Venecia, hailed as champion of the creative industry in Congress, the Anakbanwa Arts Residency Program aims to enhance and promote the talents of local artists to make them comparable with their counterparts abroad.

De Venecia said in the past, it was only the private sector that was always in the forefront of running arts residency program in their respective studios but this time, it is the government that will spearhead the initiative.

Under the program, two artists will be chosen from a list of applicants in the Fourth District of Pangasinan. Those selected will receive P100,000 each to cover their travel expenses, accommodation, food and others, including the materials that they will be needing during the residency program that will last from four to five weeks.

Experts from the industry were called to conduct the residency program and if successful, it will be held twice a year, said De Venecia.

He said this will allow the 146 cities throughout the country to organize their own arts residency program to also benefit their local artists;

Corollary to this, Congressman De Venecia announced that the first of its kind Graphic Design Workshop in Pangasinan with the help of the famous design studio, the And a Half Design Studio, will already start November 15 and ends on November 20.

He said the five-day workshop is part of his advocacy to promote creative industries nationwide in order to enhance the talents of the present-day graphic designers not only in the Fourth District but in all districts with the aim of making them world class.

Opened for only limited number of graphic artists, the workshop was hailed by local graphic artists eyeing to expose their works to the whole nation and the world. (Leonardo Micua)

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