Two De Venecia pet bills passed in Lower House

By October 3, 2021Governance

WHEN it rains, it pours!

This happened when two pet bills of Fourth District Rep. Christopher de Venecia were passed on third and final readings in five days of each by the House of Representatives.

First to pass on September 15 was House Bill 10057 or the Mandatory Cultural Mapping bill which seeks to mandate all local government units and other instrumentalities to identify, enhance, protect and preserve the cultural heritage in their respective areas.

HB 10107 or the Philippine Creative Industries Development bill also authored by Rep. De Venecia was passed on September 20.

Both bills of national significance are now in the hands of the Senate for its concurrence.

De Venecia said the Mandatory Cultural Heritage Bill also seeks to strengthen heritage education in all levels if passed into law.

If HB 10057 becomes a law, it will be a big boon to the Republic Act 10066 or the Heritage Law, which  aims to give maximum protection and preservation to the remaining cultural heritage in the country.

On the other hand, passage of the Philippine Creative Industries Development Bill became more significant for De Venecia when he was asked to preside the session of Congress for the first time.

While thanking his fellow congressmen led by Speaker Lord Allan Velasco for the passage of the  measure, De Venecia assured that HB 10107 will bring the country and its people “to a creative future”.

Sectors of creative industries include screen and stage actors and actresses, painters, writers, dancers, singers, rappers, event organizers, architects, advertisers  comic book artists, chefs, fashion designers, graphic designers, furniture designers, content creators, e-sports gamers and many others.

According to De Venecia, Philippines Creative Industry Council will be established under the Department of Trade and Industry  if HB 10107 becomes a laws.

It was learned that in the Senate, a counterpart measure to HB 10107 is still pending in the Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship. (Leonardo Micua)

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