An Integrated Mobile Services to Overcome COVID-19

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THE Provincial Government of Pangasinan under the watch of Governor Amado I. Espino III has devised integrated efforts to slow down the spread of the new coronavirus and find ways to stir up the economy in the Province of Pangasinan as the world faced the worst health crisis in the 21st century.

Launched in July 2020, the Abig Pangasinan program is a flagship health and socio-economic recovery program of the Provincial Government which aims to assist every Pangasinense to bounce back from the adverse effects of the COVID-19.

“Abig” is a Pangasinan word which means healing, wellness, and betterment.

The Abig Pangasinan Karaban, an integrate mobile services of the Provincial Government, brings together various services of the provincial government closer to Pangasinenses in every town and city of Pangasinan, down to the remotest barangays.

Governor Espino emphasizes that through the Abig Pangasinan, the Provincial Government strikes a balance between the health and safety and economic recovery of every Pangasinense.

The Abig Pangasinan is composed of the following major programs: Kalinisan Karaban, Abig Laman ed Barangay, Food Production Support Program, Kabuhayan Palengke Karaban, Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa OFW Program, Mobile Skills Training Program, Livelihood Assistance Program, Pamanang Yaman, Produktong Pangasinan Program, Karagdagang Pangkabuhayan (Cash-for-Work), and veterinary missions.

During the staging of Abig Pangasinan in different towns and cities, Governor Espino always highlights the importance of unity, patience and discipline among Pangasinenses to fight the invisible enemy.

A. Kalinisan Karaban

Originally launched last 2019, the Kalinisan Karaban was integrated to the Abig Pangasinan Program as one of its major components. The Kalinisan Karaban, in partnership with the Provincial Sangguniang Kabataan, harnesses the youth to protect the environment through collection of plastic wastes in their communities. The collected plastics are brought to the Kalinisan Karaban Mobile Store and exchanged with rice, grocery items, school supplies, and cellphone load at P20.00 per kilo. Since the integration of the program to Abig Pangasinan as of June 1, 2021, a total of 208,217 kilograms of plastic wastes have been collected and approximately P4.1 Million worth of goods were exchanged. The collected plastic wastes are brought to the material recovery facility and mixed with cement to produce eco-bricks that can be used for construction projects.

B. Abig Laman ed Barangay

With the goal to provide quality health care services across the province and reach Pangasinenses even in the farthest barangays, the Abig Laman ed Barangay (Mini-Kalusugan Karaban) brings free medical services to Pangasinenses in remote areas. Formerly dubbed as the I Love Pangasinan Kalusugan Karaban, the Abig Laman ed Barangay has served a total of 22,423 Pangasinenses from 440 barangays since the pandemic.

To provide high quality services closer, the Provincial Government is also bringing the Mobile Diagnostic and Treatment Clinic, equipped with first-rate apparatus, along with the health caravan which provides portable diagnostic services to Pangasinenses.

Health services offered include: medical and pediatric consultations, laboratory (blood typing, random blood sugar testing, urinalysis, cholesterol testing and uric blood test), mobile x-ray, ECG, and skin disease consultation. Vitamins and medicines are distributed for free.

Potable water access for the barangays is also prioritized through the Abig Laman ed Barangay wherein a total of 115 gerry cans and 1,232 hyposol water treatment were given to the barangays.

C. Food Production Support Program

The Provincial Government of Pangasinan also supports local farmers and fishermen associations through the Food Production Support Program. A part of regular Abig Pangasinan Karaban is the provision of seedlings, fingerlings, machineries, and agri-fishery products. Since July, the Provincial Government has provided a total of 117,556 fruit tree/mangrove seedlings to 721 associations; 2,714 trays of vegetable seedlings to 2,714 associations; 825 rechargeable sprayers to 825 groups; 316 waterpumps to 316 groups; 640,000 tilapia fingerlings to 97 groups; 1,305 fishing paraphernalia to 99 associations; 13 water axial flow pump to 13 associations; and 12 food processing kits to 12 associations with a total cost of P20.9 million.

D. Kabuhayan Palengke Karaban

Through the Kabuhayan Palengke Karaban, the Provincial Government of Pangasinan buys meat, fish, and vegetable products from small vendors. Since its launching last July 2020, a total of 1,477 vendors were assisted by the program with a total of P 2.7 Million worth of products purchased. The products are brought to the 14 government-run hospitals in the province and served as meals for patients and medical frontliners.

E. Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa OFW Project

In light of the travails experience by displaced Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in various parts of the globe, the provincial government also staged Tulong Sundo sa OFW Project in partnership with OWWA that assisted over 14,000 Pangasinenses to return home safely during the enhanced community quarantine period in Luzon.  The provincial government of Pangasinan also sustains assistance to displaced OFWs by launching Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa OFW Project in November 2020. The Tulong Pangkabuhayan grants P5,000 financial assistance per beneficiary to 25 qualified displaced OFWs of each town/city in Pangasinan to help them engage in small businesses. As of May 31, this year, the province has assisted 571 OFWs in 23 local government units (LGUs) granting a total of over P2.9 million start-up funds.

F. Mobile Skills Training Project

To continue in providing more livelihood and job opportunities to Pangasinenses, Abig Pangasinan also modified its Mobile Skills Training Project (MSTP) in September 2020 to observe physical distancing and other health protocols. The MSTP was originally launched in 2017. Hailed as the first of its kind in the country, the mobile skills training moves around the province via four training trucks and one training bus equipped with educational resources and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)-accredited trainers to offer free and quality training on basic home repair and maintenance categorized into two types: hard skills training which includes electrical installation and maintenance, plumbing, carpentry and masonry with tile setting; and soft skills training which includes cookery, haircutting, beauty care and wellness massage.

G. Livelihood Assistance Program

Forming an integral part of the Abig Pangasinan is the Livelihood Assistance Program where the Provincial Government of Pangasinan is continuously providing livelihood loans to individual entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), start-up businesses, cooperatives, farmer and fisherfolk organizations, women groups, rural improvement clubs, and other community-based associations. Since 2020, a total of P39 million was awarded to beneficiary groups. Under the directives of Governor Espino who recognized the importance of the livelihood assistance program during the pandemic, zero percent interest loan is also applied.

H. Pamanang Yaman, Produktong Pangasinan

The Provincial Government of Pangasinan also provides assistance to local entrepreneurs, specifically to local micro, small, and medium enterprises or MSMEs. Through the Pamanang Yaman, Produktong Pangasinan, the Provincial Government supports the livelihood of MSMEs by buying and selling their local products at cost-selling or wholesale price. Some products such as dried seafoods, processed meat, bagoong products and other local condiments, and artistically woven products are found at the PYPP mobile store. The PYPP program, launched in October 2020, has moved around in 44 towns and cities in the province with a total of P6.6 million sales generated as of June 1, 2021.

I. Karagdagang Pangkabuhayan Program

Under the Karagdagang Pangkabuhayan (Cash-for-work) program, cash pay-outs or food assistance were received by a total of 3,581 from vulnerable sectors, such as out-of-school youths (OSYs), Child Development Workers (CDWs), persons with disabilities (PWDs), and women and solo parent groups who are greatly affected by the pandemic. The program offers additional financial assistance to Pangasinenses who provided services that will benefit the community or the assistance to the Abig Pangasinan Karaban. Since its launching, a total of P1.5 million has been granted to the members of the vulnerable sectors of the province.

J. Veterinary Services

Extending its assistance to animal-care services, the Provincial Government of Pangasinan offers free veterinary services including the following: rabies control program where a total of 3,210 dogs underwent anti-rabies vaccination, 1,548 animals dewormed, 1,499 animal vitamin administration, and 648 dogs and cats spayed and neutered; financial assistance to swine raisers, and livelihood programs for animal raisers where a total of P10.5 million was distributed to swine-raisers whose hogs were affected by the African Swine Fever.


Despite the pandemic that struck the province of Pangasinan and the whole world, the provincial government is relentless in providing services and support to the people of Pangasinan to recover from the unimaginable setbacks and perilous effects of the pandemic.

The Provincial Government is confident that the Abig Pangasinan Program coupled with the unity and cooperation of each Pangasinense, the full support of local leaders, frontliners, national government agencies and private firms –- the people of Pangasinan will not only survive, but will eventually prevail in the midst of this global crisis.

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