Timing is everything, or is it?

WILLIAM Shakespeare once said, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

Never mind that the crop of opposition political councilors at the Dagupan Sangguniang Panlungsod continue to be blinded by their ignoble political agenda but to see them completely clueless about timing takes the cake.

Two weeks ago, the seven band of obstructionists surprised the city when it decided to pass the 2024 annual budget without much ado after holding its passage hostage for five months. It was a cause for celebration at the city hall.  Suddenly, the aura of statesmanship of the opposition councilors appeared when they pledged to be effective fiscalizers.

Suddenly, there was hope for redemption for the seven councilors who have been obstinate about being obstructionists and saboteurs of good governance, at least until last week.

However, just when the opposition had its opportunity to show good faith in its intentions finally, it still chose to continue to serve its vile political agenda – to obstruct anything that could give the Fernandez administration any form of credit for good governance, and continued to reject the call for the passage of the resolution.

The opposition was not the least coy in stating for the record that it was not prepared to pass the resolution authoring Mayor Belen Fernandez to sign an agreement with the Department of Health unless and until the ‘true ‘political circumstances behind the establishment of the hospital is settled. It wants full credit for its establishment, that it was the past Mayors Benjamin and Brian Lim that initiated the process. If that’s not bad timing, what is?

The opposition could have waited for the full credit to in good time for the 2025 elections but it wanted that served first before deciding to help Dagupeños A.S.A.P. with the hospital.

Like a comedy of errors, the opposition’s resistance only served to negate its foremost objective. The delayed  establishment of the hospital will now serve as a reminder that it was the opposition’s political motive that caused its delay for the longest time.

The establishment of the Mother Child Hospital, or any public hospital, always deserves the highest attention and priority but this is not shared by the opposition. And to stand in the way of its early construction at no cost to the city government is unspeakable.

The construction of any hospital is always stamped as “DO NOT DELAY” .

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