New Normal in politics

By October 11, 2021Editorial, Punch Gallery

IT has been said that Filipinos have short memory… of both good and the bad.

This is particularly true about our local politics, candidates and their campaign promises.  And what’s truly sad is more voters only remember what candidates dished out in cash and groceries during the past campaign. That, perhaps, should explains our extremely short memory about the candidates’ campaign platforms, pledges and promises.

The most forgettable if not ignored are campaign promises with motherhood statements that pledge to fight corruption and to fight poverty.

Note: The political and governance issue today is about the COVID-19 pandemic and how to revive local economy.

These issues require specific plans and strategy, technical knowledge about pandemic, vaccines, marketing and economic data.  The ignorant and simply epal among our local politicos can easily be detected by their motherhood statements without specifics, and they should be thrashed outright.

With social media within everyone’s reach and easy access, a candidate’s platform on health and economy can easily be dissected by the well-informed who can easily share what is beneficial and achievable for the benefit of the governed.

So here’s a brotherly advice to traditional politicians who wish to stay on, or make a comeback or to those who wish to enter public service for the first time – You can fool your constituents once, but you can never fool them all the time.

That’s the New Normal in politics.

Chavit chastises Pacquiao

POLITICS showed its ugly face early.  Manny Pacquiao and Chavit Singson had been friends for the longest time.  In almost all of the impactful fights of Pacquiao, Singson had always been by his side. They were as inseparable as horse and carriage. But just this week, Singson shocked the nation.  He openly chastised Pacquiao, saying the boxing icon is totally unqualified to become president of the republic.  Singson cited, among others, Pacquiao’s lack of education as his major flaw.  The former Ilocos Sur governor, who is the current mayor of Narvacan and running for vice governor, said Pacquiao would be “terribly incapable” to manage the gargantuan affairs of the country.  Singson said he pities Pacquiao for wasting his hard-earned billions he had amassed as a boxer, predicting Pacquiao’s “sure defeat” caused mainly by “his advisers out to benefit from his campaign money.”  Poor Pacquiao.

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