Cold weather affects fish growth, says fisheries expert

By January 15, 2023Business

IF you think the cold and cuddly weather makes you lethargic and sleepy, then perhaps you are not alone, as the cold weather affects fishes too, particularly, bangus and tilapia growers.

Dr. Westly Rosario, chairman of the Professional Regulation Commission – Board of Fisheries, and a Dagupeño, said for fish, particularly bangus, their growth is stunted during cold climate.

“Fish metabolism is slow when the weather is cold, particularly bangus”, said Rosario who pointed out that bangus rapidly grow in size in warm weather.

As metabolism slows down, so does the growth rate of the fish resulting in the fish’s stunted growth despite being matured.

Tilapia growers experience similar situations because when cold weather surges, the fish also stop spawning, resulting in the shortage of locally produced fry.

Rosario advised fish growers to adjust their feeding schedule, by feeding them later in the morning.

Meanwhile, Jerry de Guzman, a fish pen caretaker, says per kilogram of medium to large-sized bangus now only costs P150 to P160, while small bangus sells for P110. (Ahikam Pasion)

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