Fish kill blamed on overload of commercial fish feeds

By November 20, 2022Business

THE Dagupan City government expects more accounts of fish kill in the city’s rivers because of the recorded poor quality of water caused by the overload of fish feeds being thrown into the river for fish in  captivity inside illegal fish pens and  fish cages.

Mayor Belen Fernandez blamed the policy of the previous Lim administration for the proliferation of illegal fish pens and cages in the city’s rivers.

Former BFAR Center Chief Westly Rosario said  because most of the fish pens and fish cages in Dagupan are overstocked, fish kill would inevitably occur because of the limited volume of dissolved oxygen in the water at this time of the year.

He said the situation is compounded by the overfeeding made by operators to make their fish grow at a faster rate.

In her  First  100 Days Report, Mayor Fernandez revealed that former officials and political  allies of the past city administration were allowed to  build oversized fish pens .

She said a political ally of then Mayor Brian Lim was found to own from five to 10 oversized fish pens, however, she didn’t name the person.  (Leonardo Micua)

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