ECC set to pay workers for COVID-17 infection

By May 9, 2021Business

EMPLOYEES, either in public or private, who got sick of or died from COVID-19 may now receive financial compensation through the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC).

This was bared by Dexter Dupagan, Regional Officer of the ECC Region 1, after the agency released Board Resolution No. 21-04-14 on April 6, 2021, that includes the COVID-19.

In the list of occupational and work-related disease now total 33 that includes loss of hearing due to nature of work, heatstroke, cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, occupational asthma, hypertension.

The resolution further states the conditions for the release of COVID-19 compensation under the Annex A of the Amended Rules on Employees’ Compensation.

Dupagan explained all employees subject to aforementioned diseases are eligible for benefits.

He, however, clarified that the individual must have contracted the disease in his workplace to be eligible for benefits, and even if the sickness was caused by risks in his work can avail of the benefit.

Private employees will receive a maximum of P480 per day, in addition to sickness benefits offered by the Social Security System (SSS) at around P10,000, while government employees may only avail of a maximum P200 per day.

However, Dupagan also clarified uniformed personnel, policemen and soldier, are not covered.

Dupagan said the filing agency for the private sector is the SSS, while government employees may file their claims with GSIS.

If an employee dies because of COVID-19, beneficiaries may file claims up to P30,000 exclusive of funeral and death pension from the filing agency.

Note: Despite the payment of claims, the ECC temporarily suspended the filing of cash assistance for individuals who died of COVID-19 due to limited manpower.

For filing of ECC claims, employees must produce a certificate of employment indicating the employee’s last date of work before acquiring COVID-19, he must also produce a medical certificate or medical abstract, copy of the positive result, and a certification from the Rural Health Unit. (Ahikam Pasion)

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