Traveloka Helps Budget Travelers with New App Features

Taguig City – Tourists looking for great travel deals will be glad to know that two new features from Traveloka App will make this task much easier. Traveloka, one of Southeast Asia’s premiere airline and hotel ticketing service providers, recently launched the Best Price Finder and Price Alerts features on their existing mobile app, giving users the opportunity to find their preferred flight destinations that fit perfectly with their travel budget.

The Best Price Finder feature allows users to find the most affordable airfare ticket prices across a list of various airlines. It also makes use of a calendar view format, allowing deal hunters to easily view multiple ticket prices within a given date range.

The Price Alerts feature, on the other hand, sends automatic notifications to a mobile device whenever a destination’s ticket price falls within the range that is specified by the user. This is a great way stay informed whenever an airline has discounted ticket prices on sale.

Both features aim to help travelers who consider their budget as one of their main considerations. Because Best Price Finder and Price Alerts give users a quick and easy overview of ticket prices from most major airlines, it cuts down on the time to go through each website searching for a good deal.

The main demographic that these features target are mostly Filipino families, couples, and groups of friends who want to travel while keeping costs within their budget. With the peak travel season drawing in many tourists, it’s difficult to find ticket prices that are attractive to budget-conscious travelers. However, these features can easily give users affordable travel opportunities thanks to the options they are presented with.

Traveloka is gaining recognition as one of the most reliable flight and hotel booking service providers in the country and across the Southeast Asian region. With its easy-to-use online platform, travelers can choose from over 100,000 flight destinations and hotel accommodations globally at reasonable prices.

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