Illegal occupation of foreshore land

Marlu Soriano-Ligeralde

28 July 2017


Dear Editor-

This is to call to your attention to an ongoing illegal construction of fences and building structures on foreshore land in front of Tract 57640 in Barangay Baybay Lopez, Binmaley, Pangasinan. Tract 57640 is a 40,000 square meter titled property owned by spouses Miguel & Mary Ann Soriano (deceased). I am one of 5 children of the owners and I and all of my siblings live in the United States.

In 1976, my father applied for lease on the foreshore land adjacent to his property and DENR has it on their record although it was never approved. In October 2011, seven individuals applied for the Foreshore Lease on said property. These individuals are: the former Chief of Police of Binmaley, Frankie Candelario who is now in Pampanga, Region 3, Jimmy Baquilar, a Binmaley policeman, Daniel de la Cruz who works at the Provincial Engineering in Lingayen, Ronnie Paul de la Cruz, Samuel Lopez Mura, Juanito Passion, and former Pangasinan PNP Director Rosueto Ricaforte (alias Leila Fernandez).

We protested the application and the construction of concrete structures of these seven individuals as recorded by DENR. After years of investigation, DENR has finally issued an order of finality rejecting the application for Foreshore Lease of these seven individuals and reviving the application of Miguel Soriano to be substituted by his heirs (copy attached). In spite of the Order of Finality, these individuals continue to claim the foreshore land with their illegal buildings and fences without local, provincial, and regional permits and no regard of the mandated DENR Order of Finality.

We have called the attention of the Barangay Official thru police blotters filed by our caretaker and although they are aware of the illegal construction and the land grabbing however have not been able to stop them for fear and intimidation from the land grabbers.

We have also notified the Mayor of Binmaley in writing about these illegal activities covered by his jurisdiction. I am writing to you and other media organizations to let you know that it is an ongoing illegal activity perpetuated by government officials who use their badge and position to intimidate, threaten and abuse the laws that they are suppose to uphold.

I have all the pertinent trail of paperwork in regard to this case. We plan to retire in our beloved hometown in the near future and it is frustrating for us who live here in US to experience first hand the abuses of these corrupt government officials and could not do anything except to alert media organizations like you. If for some unlikely reason that DENR denies our petition to apply for the Foreshore Lease, that land is government land and should not be grabbed and taken by anybody, more so by government officials who abuse their position in the process.

This is a bigger issue than meets the eye. I challenge you and your organization to investigate all the foreshore lands of Binmaley and Lingayen. I have a good idea that most of those who have positioned themselves on the beach land do not have any kind of documentation that they should be there. It is government land and those that are there should have an approved lease from DENR or they are there illegally.

Please contact me via e-mail should you need additional information. I’ll be more than happy to extend a helping hand.


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