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The Mother’s Tears

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Contributed by Ashok G. Vasandani


Here’s an article I read in The Meaning of Life’s page on Facebook that I’d like to share, something that we can all learn from.

WHEN we’re young our mothers are our heroes they make us food, cuddle us and give us love. But often, we don’t see the truth. We remember the cuddle and always being fed, but we miss the nights where they’re alone. We don’t see their pain after childbirth.

We eat the food, but miss them burning their hand, our struggling to get the groceries together. When we’re teenagers, our mothers are our enemy. We ignore their advice, and snap at them for caring. When we go against their wishes… we don’t see them staying up, wait for us at night.

We don’t see the nightmares they have of us being art. We don’t hear them crying in the car, worried about our future. When we tell them we hate them… we don’t see them trying to keep it together. We don’t feel the sting that those words carry… When all they want is to love us. When we go to college we’re so excited… We don’t see their fear. We don’t have to feel the void they done when we’re gone. We just hear their encouragement and ignore their calls.

Our entire lives, our mothers sacrifice for us from the day we’re born, our lives are part of theirs. We miss all tears they cry… All the struggles they face, and truly, all the love they have for us.

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/messageoflife1808/videos/199998721390072/

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