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The Loyal Mongoose

Unknown Author

Contributed by Ashok G. Vasandani


Here’s a story I read in The Meaning of Life’s page in Facebook that I’d like to share, something that we can all learn from.

IN a small village, there was a farmer who lived with his wife and a baby son. The three were very happy together. One day, when he was working in the fields, the farmer found a baby mongoose. He decided to take the mongoose home with him. He wrapped it up in a piece of cloth and carried it.

When he came back home, he gave it to his wife to look after. The mongoose was a loyal pet. He would sit by the baby’s cradle all day long. But the farmer’s wife never trusted the mongoose. She always said, “Someday that creature will harm our son.” The farmer didn’t pay any attention to what she said.

One day, the farmer’s wife was going to the market. “Look after our son. I will be out for some time and do not want to leave him alone with the mongoose.” The father agreed to stay and watch over his son.

After some time, one of his friends came by and convinced him to go for a walk. The farmer had nothing else to do, so he agreed. In a little while, the farmer’s wife came home. The little mongoose ran up to her to breach her. She saw that the mongoose had blood on its mouth. She cried and thought that the mongoose had killed her son. With that she brought her basket down on the head of the mongoose. The mongoose cried and fell down dead.

She ran inside to see her son and found that he was sleeping peacefully in his cradle and was puzzled. Then, she noticed a big snake lying dead in a pool of blood. “The mongoose had killed the snake when that had come into the house” she realized.

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/messageoflife1808/videos/670387877035933/

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