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Why we need to stay at home

By Al S. Mendoza 


THE easiest thing to do is obey.

Dogs are very good at that.

For once, why can’t we be, too?

When we were small, we did as told.

We disobey and we get spanked.

We obey and we are, sometimes, rewarded.

One peso from Tatay was already a fortune then.

I don’t know why many of us—even in our adulthood— can’t follow orders.

Or why we are hard-headed when what the government is telling us is for our own good.

Isn’t staying at home almost a surefire remedy to combat the Covid-19?

The government has said so a thousand and one times.

Is that hard to comprehend?

The government will not say that if the call didn’t come from medical experts, the dudes who know best.

The government, as we all know, is but a conduit tasked to cascade down to us items that are basically for our own good.

There is no crisis that isn’t government territory.

It will address it no matter the costs.

As is often told us:  The government is by the people, for the people and of the people.

Whatever the government says but the people won’t listen, refuse stubbornly to heed, it just simply goes under the bus.

Always, it’s a combination of the two: government and the people.

One without the other is like a carromata without a horse.

They are like an inseparable couple, glued to a marriage that will never work if one is missing.

Take the lockdown.

The government has imposed it in Luzon because Luzon has become the epicenter of the deadly virus.

That means our movement is limited to our communities, barangays if you will.

Because it’s a lockdown, you can’t even visit the barangay nearest you.

Is that hard to understand?

That is being imposed so that the stay-at-home protocol is followed to the hilt.

Because, again, to stay at home is to prevent the spread of the virus, which is a highly contagious killer, whose vaccine has yet to be discovered.

It’s distressing because violators do not just endanger themselves but us, too—the obedient flock.

Simply put, the violator can become a spreader.

So, again, who do we listen to in times like this, when not only our country but also the world is in its most dangerous, vulnerable, state?

The government, who else.

We are useless if we take the government for granted—like many of our compatriots are doing right now.

Some have even gone to the extent of holding cockfights, effectively killing the physical distancing scheme to contain the virus.

Why we continue to be hard-headed, pasaway, is a puzzle as complex as the invention of Facebook.

Why we continue to brush aside government efforts to destroy the virus can even lead to anarchy.

By, for and of are the three magical words for the people to make the government click.

In short, it’s us, the people, that make things good for all of us.

The government by the people, for the people and of the people.

Without the government, we are nothing.

Without us, the government is nothing.

By staying at home, the government means everything to us.

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