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How to Cultivate Compassion?
Radhanath Swami


By Ashok G. Vasandani

Here’s an article I read in Radhanath Swami’s page on Facebook, that I’d like to share, something that we can all learn from.

THERE’S a saying, if you lose your wealth you lose nothing, if you lose your health you lose something, if you lose your character you lose everything. And that doesn’t mean we should not be really really enthusiastic, perseverant and dedicated to our career, but it means we have to balance it accordingly so that our career doesn’t, that we’re not a prisoner of what we’re doing, but rather that what we’re doing is something that’s very valuable for our purpose in life and our relationships in life. It’s a very important thing, and compassion is something that needs to be cultivated.

I would assume each and every one of you has a cellular phone. The cellular phone can do so many things. You know there are so many apps that can achieve so many different things. But whatever type of cellular phone you have, you have to charge it every day. When you charge it you activate it with the energy in which everything else functions. So, in order to infuse compassion and values and real character into our life we need to put some time aside a day to actually charge the batteries of our higher values in our purpose in life.

Could be meditation, prater. In our tradition we chant beautiful mantras that may give us a deep inner connection. Also, by associating with people who really give us positive energy, like-minded people who uplift us, who enlighten us; that charges us. In Sanskrit the word satsang means to be with positive people who really uplift us and enlighten us with higher virtues and values, and to put some time aside sadhana, to cultivate the relationship we have with our own hearts. To the degree we’re in connection with ourselves and we find the peace that’s there, we could see how we’re all related to each other, and then, whatever we do, whatever we speak, whether we’re in industry or business or politics or whether we’re accountants or farmers or engineers or whether or swamis, little swamis, those are all details. But they were trying to express the love that’s within ourselves in our relationships and in what we do. That’s enlightened life, that’s a satisfying life that goes so deep and when we find light within ourselves, we could shine that light in the world.

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/radhanathswami/videos/525514238270308/


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