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Pause a little and take stock of our life

By Al S. Mendoza 


THIS virus is no joke.

It has killed thousands already in more than 184 countries, infecting thousands more young and old.

It is not a whore-hunter, nor is it a serial killer.

It kills wholesome, not retail.

It spares no one.

You are of royal blood, it doesn’t matter.

Isn’t Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth II and heir to the British throne, a virus victim, too?

You are a world leader, it can sting you.

Isn’t Chancellor Merkel of Germany just one of those hit by the virus?

You are a celebrity or live in obscurity, makes no difference.

NBA’s MVP Kevin Durant got tackled by the virus. 

And so was Rudy Gobert, the NBA’s defensive player of the year from France.

You can’t play defense against COVID-19.

It attacks you three ways—through the mouth, eyes and nose.

Once it’s blocked your path, it can cripple you.  Mostly, for good.

The best defense against it?

Wash your hands as often as possible.  Distance yourself from virtually everyone.  Isolate.  Stay home.

The virus came from China, its murderous intentions first discovered in Wuhan, the city of 11 million and the capital of Hubei Province.

Suspected source is the meat of wildlife, with bats, snakes and pangolins the prime suspects.

Wuhan is famous for its wet markets peddling exotic foods coming from the wilds.

Basically, the Chinese are famous for that; they eat everything that moves, preferably those with four feet or more.

I’m glad Tom Hanks has survived the virus, making him a certified winner in both reel and real life.

Wasn’t he the star in classic Hollywood movies?

He got marooned in an island in Castaway and lived to tell his tale.

In Terminal, he got encamped indefinitely as an alien in an American airport but came out of it in one whole piece.

He was the embattled astronaut in Apollo who brought the spaceship back to Earth and lead a normal life again.

In real time, he had a close shave with COVID-19—but many weren’t as lucky. 

We pray for their souls, with special mention to our nine heroic doctors including Dr. Fernandez of Bayambang town.

We also continue to pray for God’s intervention as only God, whatever you conceive Him to be, can stop the virus.

It’s His call, indeed.

But for one second, though, did we ever think that this virus, a despicable mass killer no doubt, is God’s way of saying let’s pause a little and take stock of our life?

Isn’t the virus also exposing our color—true color, if you will?

That when pinned to the ropes, so to speak, we shed our shade of fakery?

Are we patient with others amid the crisis, which should be the norm, really, in times of both health and sickness?

Or do we panic and become selfish—so that we hoard, act unkind to our neighbor and forget to share the goodness God has taught us from the very beginning?

It is not as if we are at  the survival of the fittest mode, please?

Be human.  Be a person of Godliness.  Surely, the virus bows to God’s will.  Soon.  Believe. 

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