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Diversity is Essential for the World

By: Ashok G. Vasandani

Here’s an article I read in Radhanath Swami’s page on Facebook that I’d like to share, something that we can all learn from.

DEVELOPING unity in diversity is perhaps the most serious issue that humanity needs to address. Today there are over 7.5 billion human belongs on this Earth and countless life loving beings in other species. We are all too often divided by nationalism, religion, race, social status, economics and ideologies. And beyond these, every individual person has a unique ego with personal desires, need and fears.

Let us explore the beauty of unity and diversity and how to discover it within ourselves and all around us. Then only can we experience lasting joy and peace. What makes music beautiful? It is harmony that makes music so beautiful. When you sit back and listen to your favorite music you may hear guitars, drums, maybe horns, flutes or violins. There may be voices singing together. They all balance the idea of me, with the idea of we, to contribute to a common song.

In this way, life is like a song. What makes a meal taste so good? When the cook blends various flavours to complement each other. A moving painting or an architectural wander is pleasing to the hear tby harmonising a variety of colours, shapes and designs.

There are countless ways that the same principle improves productivity in industry, business, in government, improves productivity in industry, business, in government, especially family. Even competition can be unifying. But how? Let us take a lesson from nature to discover how. In your human body, you have organs which all have very different shapes, colours, sizes and functions. The heart cannot do what the lungs do.The pancreas cannot do what the brain does, and the kidneys cannot do with what the knees do.

Despite their diversity, they work in unity for the benefit of the whole body. Each [art of a healthy body appreciates what all others contribute. If you stub your little toe, the brain, heart and all other parts of the body will send healing energy to restore it.

Similarly, if we want harmony in the body of humanity, we need to respect and appreciate the sincere contribution of others and contribute ourselves. Peace in the world is only sustainable by the higher vision or unity in diversity. Life is sacred. Whether we are male or female. Black, white, brown or yellow. Whether we are of one religion or another, agnostic or atheist. Whether we are human, dog, cat, or cow. Bird, bee or plant. Let us respect our differences and appreciate the unique God-given gifts that each living being can bring to this world.

Timeless wisdom tells us that at the core we are all intimately related. We all come from the same source, why? Because we are beyond our body, beyond our mind and beyond our thoughts. We are the living force. A child of God. And our deepest potential is unconditional love.

In our society, overly thinking that we are independent can make us arrogant, over-dependence can make us weak, interdependence makes us strong. Please let us stand together as brothers and sisters to respect and even appreciate our differences to live in unity within our diversity.

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/radhanathswami/videos/467358773862001/

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