Commatose (A comma overdose)

By Jing Villamil

DENGUE, leptospirosis, polio, diphtheria, meningococcemia, measles, pneumonia, malaria, tuberculosis, rabies, HIV, the big C for-all-ages, dialysis for too many failed kidneys, too-sweet diabetics, bones young and old weakened, cracked or crushed,

Road accidents along SLEX, NLEX, and other EXes and widened roads, doctors and medicines too expensive or out-of-reach, children malnourished, undernourished, starved, ADHD, LGBTQIA, hazing resulting in maiming or death, child abuse resulting in maiming or death, women abuse resulting in maiming or death, rape-murders of children by relatives or friends or neighbors, surge in teen pregnancy, drug addiction, drug pushers, drug lords,

Climate change, super typhoons, floods, drought, earthquakes, environmental pollution, garbage and plastics mess, red tide, fish kill,

Rice glut, fake rice, food shortages, weekly oil price increases that seldom roll back, water shortage, power outages, inflation, recession, cyberbullying, public shaming on skipped online loan payment, budol-budol, pickpockets, street holdups, home invasion by akyat-bahay, salisi gangs,

Riding-in-tandem assassins, extra-judicial killings, BUCOR corruption, ninja cops, government leaders self-serving not truly serving the people, graft and corruption, universal greed, trust misplaced now more than ever,

Mindanao terrorism crisis unresolved, soldiers and innocents killed in military encounters, young rebels or converts gone from their homes, schools or dead in encounters, bomb threats, suicide bombings for maximum effect, deserted or burnt villages and once-a-city,

Traffic, traffic everywhere, and where once there was bird flu, now there is African Swine Fever,

Last night I dreamed of pinching an ASF-free lechon-de-leche steamy-hot crunchy skin and I woke up with two yummy fingers in my mouth.

I shall use a fork next time, a trident even.

How many lives do we have, how many deaths can we die, to have such an abundance of threats all-at-once, and having asked thus, shall we end this soliloquy with a no-period ?!

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