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Teaching Thurman a lesson

By Leonardo Micua

NO doubt, all Filipinos are glued to their seats today in front of their TV sets to watch the epic battle in Las Vegas, Nevada between our own fighting Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao against the undefeated super welterweight champion, the trash-talking Keith Thurman.

It is the day in Metro Manila when traffic is relatively lighter and crime is zero as almost everyone is staying indoors or in public viewing places so they can again watch Pacman fight.  In fact, many are skipping their Sunday’s outdoor chores to watch the fight at home. Filipinos are all rooting for the eight-division champion Pacquiao, whose, from rags to riches story starting as an unknown boxer, had inspired this generation and many more generations yet to come. 

Here in in Dagupan City and Pangasinan, USATV subscribers can have a ringside view of the fight although I understand ABS-CBN is also doing the same. Hopefully it’s not a delayed telecast. If it’s not raining, non-subscribers of USATV can watch the fight live on the LED wall of Colegio de Dagupan in front of Nepo Mall. Or watch it at the Atrium of the CSI City Mall in Lucao.

But what’s this report that Thurman put a wager that he can dismiss Pacquiao in round one? Manny can teach this kid a lesson in the ring today.

Betting-wise, Pacquiao was underdog in the beginning. But the pendulum has already tilted towards Manny as the heavy favorite to win the fight and bring home Thurman’s belt.          

Hasn’t Freddie Roach, who was again tapped by Manny to be in his corner at fight time, like he did when Manny easily disposed of Adrien Broner, described Thurman as one who is  as slow as a ketchup? 

About Manny, he still possesses the lightning speed in both fists and footwork, intellect in mind and character, and bull strong body that he always toted in his many fights.  

Manny’s former opponents, Eric Morales, and Antonio Barerra, believe Thurman has no ammunition in his arsenal to counter Pacquiao’s lightning speed.  Both were knocked out by Manny convincingly although Morales won by a split decision over Pacquiao in their first of their own trilogy. In Barrera’s case, he was knocked out once and was badly mauled in the second.           

Manny is the older guy in the ring at 40 while Thurman is 30. But age does not matter, and judging from the rigorous workouts Manny did to reach his peak form, he has become even a more dangerous opponent to Thurman.     

My take on Thurman is he trash-talks because he’s not confident. Anyone who does, doubts his whole being. Thurman was hallucinating when he boasted he can send Pacquiao kissing the canvass in the early rounds.  Let’s watch Pacquiao do the talking with his fists come fight night in Vegas. 

*                *                *                *

Do council members still need mentoring? I ask this question because we noted that in three consecutive council sessions, we saw former councilors who lost in the last election among the audience in the gallery, something that no past legislators did.

While there is nothing wrong with this, but they should always only be watching the proceedings from the sideline. But no, they are often seen in a huddle with some members during their recess as if they are coaching them to keep the loose majority-minority tete-a-tete controlled and ensure passage of an agenda.

Then, my good friend Joel said a losing candidate was instantly hired as consultant by the new occupant.  He asked if his hiring was consistent with the law. Paging DILG. 

*                *                *                *

At the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, it is the old fogies who do the talking while the newbies listen, taking their sweet time before they finally open their mouths, beyond saying “present” when responding to a roll call.

It was only come-backing Second District Board Member Von Mark Mendoza, the minority floor leader, who speaks his mind during sessions.  His colleagues in the minority still chose to remain silent, perhaps still familiarizing themselves with their role as elected SP members.

However, if the minority wishes to be true to their pledge to extend critical collaboration as espoused by Vice Governor Mark Lambino during the inaugural session, Von Mark’s allies in the chamber must stand and speak up soon.

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