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Guv Pogi’s order to Maranan

By Leonardo Micua

IN a talk to newsmen after the flag-raising ceremony last June 3 at the Capitol Plaza, Gov. Amado ‘Pogi’ Espino said his first marching order to new police provincial director P/Col. Redrico Maranan in their very first informal meeting a week before: “Establish order”.

Col. Maranan, a no non-sense police officer who was chief of Marikina City before he came to Pangasinan, already figured out what the governor wants as there can be really no peace without an order.

Well, in the June 3 flag-raising ceremony where Col. Maranan was the guest of honor, he laid down his programs to provincial government employees who he will work with.

Maranan did not waste time in calling for teamwork between the provincial government and the police so the mission of bringing order to the province can be accomplished fast and with more vigor and ease. 

If one analyses Espino’s first order to Col. Maranan, it was not weird as others thought. It was replete with a wish list. It did not mean nor imply that the province is in a mess and is in the state of disorder.

Remember that Pangasinan has just gone through a bruising election that was marked by political mudslinging which oftentimes turned out dirty. Emotional exchanges among protagonists were posted in social media.

This definitely divided people, among friends and even relatives.  They suddenly were turning against each other because of politics.

This is what should be stopped today before the fire spreads and eat the whole house.   

The mission of Maranan and the entire police is to prevent a backlash of the last elections.  It is feared that politicians could still be plotting against each other. All that should be behind us and instead everybody should unite to lend a helping hand in building a stronger province, cities and municipalities.

Fortunately, no such political backlash has happened except for the explosion of a certain explosive device in San Fabian in front of the house of a barangay captain to be connected to the past election.  

Should the governor still wait before another incident to happen?

By the way, Espino said, Col. Maranan deserves his position, He said “Hindi naman niya mararating ang ganitong posisyon kung hindi siya talaga deserving,”.

Maranan, a graduate of the PNPA Class of 1995, was chief of Police of Marikina City before coming to Pangasinan and he knows what he is doing.  Gov. Espino said they invited Maranan to attend the flag-raising ceremony “to meet his co-workers in the provincial government.”       

Maganda ang sinabi niya (Maranan) na team effort talaga ang kailanganin para makamit ang order sa probinsya,” Espino said.

He said if there is order, “discipline, and peace” are moot and academic. But he pointed out that he does not want order where the people will just stay quiet because they are afraid.  “The by-product of order is surely peace,” Espino intoned. 

As to the campaign against illegal drugs, which is also the campaign of the national government, Espino believes that Maranan knows his job and the provincial government is behind him 100 percent.

*                *                *                *

Although the time for her to say goodbye to Dagupan is almost up, Mayor Belen Fernandez still uses the little time still left for her to visit the projects that she started to ensure that these will be completed beyond her term.

She is the mark of a leader who gives out her best up to the very end in keeping with her covenant with the people of Dagupan City.

We will surely miss a workaholic city chief executive who was already up and doing her work while many of us were still snoring in our sleep. Pambihira ang kanyang energy.  

 She assured us that she will be very much around and willing and ready to help her constituents even in her private capacity as always.  

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