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Inang Mahal party-list to sue commentator

By Leonardo Micua

BEFORE we went to the press, we heard that legal action is being mulled by the partylist Inang Mahal against a morning  commentator of a block time radio program in Dagupan  who had the temerity of attaching vulgar and indecent word to the name of the group, that  everyone knows is espousing the causes of mothers and her family.

Manay Gina de Venecia, the number one nominee of Inang Mahal was reported to have already consulted her lawyers in a bid to give justice to the partylist group after it was thoroughly and unfairly maligned by the commentator of a block time program on radio station DWIZ said to be sponsored by the Magic Group of Companies owned by the family of Vice Mayor Brian Lim.

If the reports I heard are correct, Ruel Camba, the commentator, spewed vulgarity directed at Inang Mahal not only once, twice but several times in his block time radio program, which Inang Mahal considers as foul, a clear abuse of press freedom of that block time program.

Inang Mahal is worried about what the profanity dished out by the commentator could do to the young minds and its avid supporters here in Dagupan and the province.

Fortunately, supporters of Inang Mahal, which are legions in Pangasinan and in other parts of the country, had the presence of mind to record highly slanderous utterances of Camba which the lawyers of the group will attach to the complaint to be filed soon.

We heard Inang Mahal is bent on giving Camba a lesson, something which Mayor Belen Fernandez could have done earlier since she had been subjected many times to the same demolition job clearly orchestrated by her opponent in a bid to discredit her.

Fortunately for Camba, Super B (for Belen) shrugged off all these and preferred to continuously work and would not be distracted from her Unliserbisyo to the people of Dagupan City.

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Tourism is alive and kicking in Dagupan and the Leisure Coast in Bonuan Binloc has a big share of this for promoting the city and its number one agricultural product, bangus.

I noticed this when I covered the Technical Planning Workshop on Special Economic Zone Mapping (Luzon Leg) of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

Many of the participants said Leisure Coast is comparable to any of the best resorts throughout the country and vowed to return with their families. The resort has special cabanas for guests spending the night and a swimming pool to cool themselves.  Aside from these, the food is also superb.

It’s air-conditioned Arzadon Gym is super cool,  many of the participants had to wear jackets.

I asked photo journalist Jun Galope if Arzadon Gym is as big as the Calasiao Sports and Cultural Center which regularly hosts some games of the Philippine Basketball Association, and he said it is even bigger and cooler.

So, what is preventing our good friend Dr. Ashok Vasandani from holding PBA games at the Leisure Coast Resort gym? Jun said at Leisure Coast, parking is not a problem. So with accommodation as well as other amenities. (Our Dagupan People’s Astrodome is not an ideal place for PBA games because of the horrendous traffic that it may cause in all streets of Dagupan. There will also be no adequate area there for parking of vehicles, so the Astrodome was left out as possible venue of PBA games).

But the Arzadon Gym at Leisure Coast can fit and qualify. So,  Ashok, what are you waiting for?

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