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Measles outbreak after Dengvaxia scare

By Leonardo Micua

THE health sector is blaming the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) headed by Atty. Persida Acosta, of stirring up the controversy over Dengvaxia, when it blamed it and actually filed cases against past and present officials for the death of some children and one doctor previously administered this vaccine.
Let’s face it that the unproven accusations against Dengvaxia has scared the wits out of parents over any kind of vaccination being administered by the government through the Department of Health.

Who would not be scared of Dengvaxia developed by internationally known pharmaceutical giant, Sanofi Pasteur, from France, when it was pictured as the culprit behind the alleged hundreds of deaths of school children who received the vaccine?

Don’t you think the media should be blamed, too, for the hype they gave PAO and its so-called forensic experts for helping fan the scare, resulting in parents resistance to all kinds of vaccination?

Just asking. Don’t get me wrong.

This, ladies and gentlemen, may have been the reason for today’s measles outbreak in some parts of the country, particularly the National Capital Region and Central Luzon.

Many public and private hospitals in these regions are now overflowing with patients suffering from measles. Deaths were already reported because of the misconception about vaccination triggered by the Dengvaxia probe being done by PAO.

Now, who will account for their deaths?

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III was resolute in his appeal to parents not to lose their trust in vaccination which the government has been administering for the past decades that were responsible for making most Filipinos healthy and strong and prevented deaths among children.

Then here comes former Health Secretary Janet Garin again. We overheard her say that the present measles outbreak in most parts of Luzon was the outcome of what PAO has been doing. Really?

Need we say more.    

Relative to the above, we were informed that the Kalusugan Karaban of the provincial health office was not allowed to operate and treat patients in some barangays of Alaminos City, clearly for political reasons since the mayor there is running for governor against the incumbent Amado Espino III.

This is too bad since I know Kalusugan Karaban has been going on for many years back to bring health services to the doorsteps of the people when Alaminos Mayor Art Celeste has not even thought of running for the highest position of the province.

This is denying the people of Alaminos City the right to enjoy the benefits of the Kalusugan Karaban program which includes free consultation and medicine, free minor operations and others. 

*                *                *                *

In this year’s election, it is time that people heed to the call of Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas to exercise their sound judgment when they go to the polling places by voting only the deserving–those who can show their performance over those who cannot as they do not have any performance whether in public or private life.

Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay huwag magagalit. Is he referring to local politics where the aspirant and the incumbent is a confirmed performer, and who is being challenged by someone who many know has no record of performance for the past six years?

The archbishop also called on the people to look beyond the pail of grocery items and crisp P500 bill being dangled by politicians in their early rounds of campaigning as they will ultimately end up the losers when this suddenly generous politician will steal the people’s money.

The archbishop asked the candidate to put the right candidate in office because if they commit, not only they but the rest of the people will suffer for the next three years.     

They said that in the coming political exercise in one city, the battle is drawn between a self-made woman against one who many regard as a spoiled brat. Do you agree?   

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