Playing with Fire

Duterte’s political will

By Gonzalo Duque

JOURNALISM in Pangasinan will never be the same again I suppose without its guru, our good friend and kumpadre Juanito “Jun” Velasco, who died in the grace of the lord on January 25, just two days before his 73rd birthday.

Considered an icon in Pangasinan journalism, Jun left a void that will take many, many years to fill.

One thing is before his death, he was worried about the face of Pangasinan journalism when all the senior writers were gone and had reported to their Creator. Can the present crop of media men springing out able to sustain the momentum set by their elders? He often asked many of us before…

 A cut above the rest among journalists here and in the entire country, Jun was brought to the hospital still hale and strong with only supposed symptoms of, what his wife Catherine called, just a simple colds, but he eventually ended up at the ICU where he was treated but nevertheless died less than a week later.

 When Jun was brought to the hospital, everybody was hoping he can soon recover and eventually return to his old flame, journalism. But no. He will finish the uncompleted postscripts  for his next column in the after life as death stalked him while undergoing treatment.

His loss devastated his whole family and all his friends who he loved and cared so much.

Condolence to Cathy, children and grand children, siblings, and their respective families and all those who love him dearly.

We will miss his wit and wisdom, gab for words, incisive dissertation of issues on any topic under the sun, including his  warm and sincere friendship and love for family and for humankind.

Farewell and Rest In Peace, Pare Jun!

*                *                *                *

Notice the political will of President Digong Duterte. After he was through cleaning Boracay, he ordered the almost entire machinery of the government to clean Manila Bay of filth and rubbish.

Note the multitude of volunteers who turned up during the kick off of the Manila Bay Rehab. They were willing to lend their hand in whatever way for love of the environment and of course, Manila Bay.

The president’s political will should also extend to Pangasinan in order to clean the waters of the Hundred Islands, Bolinao and San Fabian and make them A-1 tourist resorts.

Tatay Digong will soon be remembered as the only Philippine president who had defied the odds by using his political will to get past eternally unsolvable problems of the nation. 

Mabuti pa si Mayor Belen. She was always one step ahead. Winalis niya in one fell swoop the unsightly sheds put up with the blessing of the past city administrations at Tondaligan Park. Tondaligan is again back to the people of Dagupan! Thanks to Belen.

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