G Spot

Ifs and Buts

By Virginia Jasmin Pasalo

WHEN something is inevitable, and only a miracle can reverse a given situation, we must hold on to every moment. We hold on to a part of us that is about to slip away, as much as possible, without hesitation. We grieve, as we hold on, slowly releasing each thread, until all strands are free and weave into new dreams, and we can see from afar, a magnificent tapestry.


I imagine a miracle
the emoticons, emojis, GIFs
and expression of sympathies
are turning into a most powerful light
blinding the path of metastasis
I imagine you smile
again, laugh as loud,
kick a bully’s butt,
push down your cigarette butt,
refusing “ifs and buts”


If the light bends, just a little,
just a little, to see you tickle
to see your eyes sparkle
to see you blush,
remembering a crush
and we, for a brief moment,
can huddle in a hush
the “little” is enough.

No “ifs and buts”.

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