G Spot

Old love letters

By Virginia Jasmin Pasalo

OLD letters bring me back to moments in time when I was most certain of things. Most certain of what I wanted to be, most certain as to how to get there, and willing to pay the price. Those were the times when I thought I loved someone and that the feelings will last forever. Times when, if he asked me to jump with him on top of the mountain, I would be willing to do so, without second thought. Those times were reckless when I think about them now, but they formed the logic of my life at some point. It marked the point when I felt, I was most loved, and the point when I loved so much. I am in more ways, different from what I was before, and the years had been kind to make me forget and create new lyrics I could sing with others, but those times marked the critical transitions of my soul and spirit.

The rain spells your name

the song bleeds
and drenches wounds
that time forgot to heal
touching the core of pain
once again
in the drops of rain
that spell your name
I die once more
with every lyric
in every chord
falling on a precipice
without borders
not a sky
to fly
not a ground
to fall on
not even an abyss
to fall through
and the rain falls
like a thousand dreams
and a thousand screams
from a blue mountain
far away
and there is no way
back home
to me

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