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Solve the Uy murder  fast

By LeonardoMicua


A SPECIAL Investigation Task Group (SITG) was formed by Police Provincial Director Wilson Lopez to gather pieces of evidence that could help unmask and pin down the perpetrator/s, including the mastermind behind the gruesome killing of former Bayambang Councilor Levin Uy and the wounding of his companion.

According to PD Lopez, the task group has already been reviewing the CCTV footages of the area at the time and have started interviewing relatives of the victim and other persons who may have some information on persons who Uy may have dealt with.

There is already a P2.3 million reward put up by Bayambang Mayor Cesar Quiambao and other persons for those who can give valuable information that could lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator/s and the mastermind.

The police must unlock the mystery behind the slaying fast because many people in Bayambang have already prematurely concluded the motive to be political all because it appeared it was the handiwork of a hired gun.

But until the SITG finishes its job, all wild speculations must stop in order not to muddle the investigation of the case.

We noted that there was even a call for Bayambang to be listed as a “hot spot” by both the Comelec and the police in the coming election even before the SITG can finish its investigation of the case.

As far as the theory that the former councilor may have been waylaid by a hired gun it is possible since there are bounty killers in our midst suspected to be behind the high-profile killings of some personalities in Pangasinan in the past, and they could still be around.

Overall, Pangasinan remains a very peaceful province but we cannot afford to have hired guns in our midst.

We also do not agree to the suggestion for the Commission on Elections to place Bayambang under its control.  We are not like our next door neighbor to the north, La Union which was already rocked by a series of ambuscades of public officials and is now being seriously considered by the police to be placed under the category of a hot spot.

That is why, there must be more serious efforts to dismantle private armies and seize loose firearms in the hands of civilians which can be used against politicians and innocent civilians before the coming polls.

We told former Quezon Rep. Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada that we do not believe Pangasinan will turn into another La Union as the Uy killing remains an isolated case We are confident that our law enforcers led by PD Lopez can secure us from harm whether it is election time or not.

*                *                *                *

The week-long medical and dental mission cum-livelihood and wellness blitzes of Cong. Christopher “Toff”de Venecia in his district was timely. After the devastating flood caused by typhoons and extreme monsoon rains, wellness care was what our people needed.

I wonder if those who now challenge his foothold in the district even have the energy to conduct such a humanitarian endeavor. I even seriously doubt if his three opponents, all from Dagupan City, are willing to use their resources to help their constituents in their times of need.

All of the three may not even have set foot in other parts of the fourth district where they are regarded to this day as total strangers.

The same is true with their common ally in Dagupan who, we were told have become a total stranger in many of the remote communities in the city since be became busy with overseas travels.

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The admission by former Councilor Alfie Fernandez that he allowed his son Carlos Alipio to file first as candidate for vice mayor because he had to settle the issue of his being a green card holder with intent to migrate to the US does not make sense.  He obviously changed his mind and gave up his green card.

The father and son act did not surprise many since most knew that Alfie and family have permanent resident visas in the U.S., which was the reason he was reportedly reluctant to run for vice mayor.

I hope the son of the late Mayor Alipio Fernandez Jr., made a good choice by giving up his green card which he had zealously worked for ever since he left office as city councilor in 2016.

However, there is no assurance that his run for vice mayor against reigning Liga ng mga Barangay president Dean Bryan Kua is a walk in the park.

Bryan Kua had been wading through the floods with Mayor Belen to help and rescue their affected constituents, something that their opponents did not do during those difficult times in our city.

Meanwhile, another substitution is expected in the opposition ticket before November 29. Lim matriarch, Celia, is reportedly set to replace Beep Beep Tan, who, the team believes, has no chance to win as a councilor.

Unlike the opposition team, the team of Mayor Belen Fernandez, will not make any substitution. Her team includes five reelectionist councilors, two come-backing councilors, and one incumbent barangay kapitan.

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