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The wonder of solar-powered irrigation system

By Al S. Mendoza


HERE’s a letter that should open the eyes of agriculture-loving folk in our beloved Pangasinan.

September 23, 2018

The Proprietor/Manager
RU Foundry & Machine Shop
Brgy. Pahanocoy, Bacolod City


It is our pleasure to inform you that your solar-powered irrigation facility granted to the farmer association here at Manubuan, Matalam, North Cotabato, by the Department of Agriculture thru the efforts of the Honorable Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol had provided the farmers tremendous benefits, particularly in the increase of their yield of rice production this first cropping season of 2018.

We are happy to report that your 350-meter pipelines were able to irrigate 17 hectares.

Based on our experience, your system could irrigate as much as 50 or more hectares of rice fields if all the distribution pipelines are installed.

Last September 21, the AMTEC engineers from D.A. Central Office came to monitor the mechanical component of the system. I am certain they have come up with a positive result of their monitoring and I am sure they were also impressed with the construction of your system.

The following is the tabulated report of harvest made by the farmers serviced by your system compared with their 2017 harvest:

Name of Farmer No. of Hectares Tilled Harvest Yield First Cropping 2017 Harvest Yield First Cropping 2018 Increase in Yield in Canvass
Rics Osoteo 1.50 75 118 43
Gogie Aquino 1.50 68 95 27
Bong Pulanco 3.50 178 290 112
Arthur Mark Pulanco, Jr. 1.00 58 83 25
Faustino Ocampo, Jr. 1.50 75 124 49
Marvin Ballenas 1.00 48 80 32
Paulina  Abon 1.00 43 87 44
Maria Rosario Andos 1.50 63 128 65
Joel Almirol 1.00 46 88 42
Narciso Almirol 1.00 48 83 35
Teresita Pascua 1.00 44 82 38
Mike Pascua 1.00 62 84 22


As you can see, the farmers’ 2018 first cropping yield did not only increase in the number of cavans per hectare but also in weight per cavan, which averaged from 65 to 70 kilogram per sack of palay. This is due to the sufficient irrigation water provided by the system from land preparation until harvest time. They also incurred less expenses in nurturing their crops.  It marked the first time that the fields were planted synchronously and because of this, rice pests and diseases were minimized and others were eradicated.

Thus, in behalf of the association, we express our thanks and gratitude to you and your company for having constructed the system.

Thank you very much and Godspeed.

Very Truly Yours,

Tranquilino F. Pulanco
President SWISA (Small Water Irrigation System Association, Inc.)
Manubuan, Matalam, North Cotabato

I had to reprint the above if only to emphasize that its data and contents are screaming proof that it’s about time we modernized our farming technology to speed up the uplift of our farmers long mired in dire straits.

The same solar irrigation system had also similarly scored a smashing success recently in Llanera, Nueva Ecija.

Several more projects of the same are ongoing in Bicolandia.

The one in nearby Camiling, Tarlac, is almost finished.  Just recently  started is the one in San Quintin, Pangasinan.

You know why I am so proud of this solar irrigation system?

Well, it’s because it is the brainchild of Ramon Uy, the shredder inventor of note whose love for farmers is legend.

If I were Sinag’s Rosendo So, it’d be a must to meet Ramon Uy personally.  Soon.  They could talk real business—about genuinely improving our farmers’ plight most especially.

I bet the honorable Lucrecio Alviar, the DA Region 1 chief, has also been already apprised of this farming wonder?

Disclosure: Ramon Uy, also an organic farming advocate like me, loves me that much that he has chosen me the wedding godfather of three of his five children.

Only Gonz Duque can top that, I guess, if not Jun V.

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