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If you want PEACE

By: Dr. Ashok G. Vasandani

Here’s a story or an article I read in a page of Gaur Gopal Das on Facebook. I’d like to share, something we can all learn from.

By: Gaur Gopal Das

THERE was a king who had a great fascination and love for paintings. One time he decided to offer a very valuable prize to the artist who would paint a beautiful picture depicting peace.

On the final day of the judgement many artists brought their paintings with the hope of winning that valuable prize.

The king looked at all the paintings and selected two in particular and now he had to choose one out of the two paintings for the valuable prize.

The first painting – a beautiful calm lake with clear transparent waters. The lake was a perfect mirror to the towering mountains surrounding it. Above it was the blue sky with the white fluffy clouds like cotton balls floating in space. Anybody who saw this painting thought it was the perfect masterpiece representing peace.

The second painting – had mountains too, rugged, dry, bare; above these mountains an angry sky overcast with dark clouds, lightening streaks here and there, a massive downpour of rains, a rumbling ferocious waterfall cascading down on one side of this bare mountain. “Peace?”, thought the people who saw this painting.

As the king looked closer, he saw behind this rumbling waterfall, a branch of a bush growing out of a crack in a rock. On the branch was a mother bird who had made a nest and within the nest was very peacefully, with great affection feeding its little ones.

Which one do you think did the king choose for his valuable prize?

The second one!

The king explained: Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, where there is no trouble, where there is no hard work, where there are no trials, where there are no tribulations, where there is no difficulties. Peace means to be in the middle of all mayhem and chaos and yet to stay calm, yet to stay focused, yet to make that inward journey and isn’t that the story of real life as well?

Spiritually is the art of bringing us to that inner calm, to that inner peace in our real life with all kinds of difficulties, troubles and problems surrounding us. That is the meaning and definition of REAL PEACE.

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/gaurgopald/?ref=br_tf

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