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CONG POL’S FRUSTRATION – What should one do with stray cows at the beachfront of Lingayen?

Shoot to kill? Or shoot pang-lechon festival or bulalo? But be kind to animals, we are told.

But should we also accord the same kindness to irresponsible animal owners?

Killing the cows is, of course, not the solution but imagine how the Lingayen Beach will look within a year if pasturing of cows goes unabated.

The situation has made 2nd District Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil so frustrated that he already sounds like ranting repeatedly sounding off a clarion call to the irresponsible owners of the stray cows.

Bawal ang tambay sa mga tao, di ba? Aba, dapat bawal din ang tambay ng mga baka sa dalampasigan.

Siyempre ayaw naman ni Cong Pol na ipapatay ang mga bakang-gala. All he wants is responsible animal ownership.

The congressman is already annoyed because while the site development of the Lingayen beachfront is ongoing, nonstop din ang pagsira ng development ng mga irresponsible cow owners.  Who wouldn’t?

Beaches all over the world try to beat each other showing white powdery sand but Lingayen Beach will stand out as the only beach in the world where one can see and smell fresh cow dung even before you can begin to see the calm beach water.

Yuck! Sobrang kadiri naman makakita ng malalaking dumi ng baka sa dalampasigan, di ba?

Cong Pol already took his deep frustration to his Facebook account.

“At this very moment, these stray cows are at the seafront. As usual, inubos na nila mga coconut seedlings na itinanim natin along the baywalk and they scatter their dungs all around. I told the Brgy Kaps and PNP to join forces in impounding these animals and file charges against the owners who would come out to claim. NO PAPERS, NO MARKINGS, NO RELEASE. Please enforce the law/ordinance guys,” Cong Pol posted.

In another post, he said, “PD Ronald Lee of the PNP allowed the temporary impounding of the cows at the PPO Hqs”.

I read interesting comments on Cong Pol’s posts. I chose some for inclusion here.

Alfred Ornigg: Here, last night in front of Lingayen Police Constabulary!!!

Silvestre A Rayos Jr. : Harap na yan ng PNP, yet their hands are tied, anggad natan agdani nalmo so akan karyan na iratay baka, anggad natan agdani akitongtongan, your ordinances are indeed compared to a toothless baby tiger, patay patay met irad barangay awa, ????

Donna Marie Caronongan Camagay-Calima : Action agad!

Wilfredo Mejia: Prime rib festival na kasi. Or simple sinanglaw, nilaga or bulalo.

Fely Quitevis: Give the ultimatum warning. Pag hindi makinig, sell all the animals in auction.

My turn: Please, ilagay sa tamang lugar ang mga baka ninyo. Baka mapahamak ang mga alaga nyo. Kayo din, nasa huli ang pagsisisi.  —Eva Visperas


FINALLY, A CHAMPION – Even before he assumed office, Kapitan Noel Bumanglag of Bonuan Gueset was already busy as a bee responding to the needs of his constituents.

The barangay residents already saw him doing some meaningful activities, like personally directing the cutting of overgrown grasses and branches of trees and doing some backfilling in low-lying streets inundated by monsoon rains the past few days.  And more importantly, he’s been busy soliciting support for tangible projects from Mayor Belen Fernandez in his barangay.

It looked like the people of Bonuan Gueset already finally found their champion after so many years in the person of Noel who does not hesitate to share his time and resources for the good of his constituents.

According to Rod Ibasan, who lives on Paras Street, Noel braved the monsoon rains visiting many inundated areas in Bonuan Gueset to find out how he can help alleviate the sufferings of the residents who bestowed their trust and confidence in him in the last barangay election.  He won by a margin of close to 2,000 votes.

To me, his empathy as a public servant is the mark of a true leader, something the outgoing barangay chairman Rico Mejia was sorely lacking of in his 26-year stint at the helm in Bonuan Gueset. And apparently I’m not the only one who shared this thought.

I just attended a wedding of one of Rico’s kin where I and the patriarch of the family had a chat. He admitted that the clan withdrew its support from their relative because they knew that if he continues his reign for another term, Bonuan Gueset’s development will further lag behind and its people would suffer more.

He said they believed that their Kumpadre Noel will do better as barangay helmsman because he’s down-to-earth, true to his word, sincere, kind, and a workaholic.

In contrast, Rico was rarely seen around to serve the residents, he said.

Rod recalled hearing a fellow passenger inside a Tondaligan jeepney whom he recognized later as a garbage collector griping in tears, complaining that he and fellow workers had not received their wages for months!

This perhaps was connected to reports that the City Auditor had written to the Philippine Veterans Bank, the depository bank of Bonuan Gueset, asking it to stop honoring the checks issued by the barangay for Rico’s alleged failure to submit his financial statement covering the last quarter of 2017.

I hope Rico already ironed this out because if he didn’t, he’d be in trouble soon.

However, Noel may have already intervened because I’ve seen the garbage collector assigned to our sitio back at work after disappearing for sometime. He was heard telling residents that he will continue working since he’s been retained by the next kapitan.

Note: My kumpadre in the village said garbage collectors are supposed to be paid P6,000 a month but have been getting only P2,000. Who’s been pocketing the P4,000? He asked.

Then, the lady in charge of collecting garbage fee from the residents will reportedly no longer be working, he said. Two weeks ago, this lady knocked on our door demanding payment of our garbage fee three months in advance.

But my wife refused knowing there’s a new champion in town. — Leonardo Micua 


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