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ONE OF MAYOR BELEN’S BEST LEGACIES – There was one positive development that happened during the last long hot summer in Dagupan. According to a Bonuan resident, for the first time in many years, the residents in the village did not have to put up with the obnoxious black smoke emanating from city’s dumpsite in Bonuan. Nothing burned.

He credits this to the creative minds of some of the workers of the Belen Fernandez administration who succeeded in taming the dumpsite, by controlling the big volume of methane gas stored under its belly.

After the dumpsite again burnt under mysterious circumstances in summer of 2017, residents had expected to happen again. It didn’t this time.

The personnel of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office led by Ronald de Guzman and his deputy Bernard Cabison, former barangay kapitan of Mangin, took care of business efficiently this year.

Fire Chief Inspector Georgian Pascua, chief of the Dagupan City Fire Station, confirmed that no fire happened at the dumpsite last summer, a claim validated by Deputy CDRRMO chief Cabison during the KBP Forum on Thursday.

There were many grass fires anywhere in the city and even near the garbage dumpsite but not in the dump itself, said Pascua.

By removing the controversial and inefficient inter-connected lamp posts of the street lights installed by the past city administration that paid a whopping P11 million for these, the CDRRMO created a kind of exhaust pipe, using the post of the old streetlights from under the mountain of garbage, that allowed the methane gas to be released. That did the trick and prevented the possibility of explosion and more fires at the dumpsite.

Cabison said the steel posts of the expensive streetlights, have many holes that allowed the methane gas to exit slowly into the air still served a purpose after these were all discarded and junked by Mayor Belen.

This development brought to the fore, proof that the garbage dumpsite is a rich source or reservoir of methane gas not only for lighting but for cooking as well, a proposition that will prove the project Waste to Energy by Procter and Gamble, will be worth the city’s investment. (According to lensman Jojo Riñoza, the project is breaking ground in Dagupan very soon).

The project has the capability to convert 30 tons of garbage that comes out daily from households, markets, and other establishments in Dagupan to diesel that can fuel jeepneys, buses, trucks, and other motor vehicles, including motorboats and bancas.

With the spiraling price of imported crude oil in the world market, production of diesel out of wastes here in Dagupan City bodes well for the city’s development.

Even better is the preparation being done for the project.  Without a dumpsite, the city is doing an efficient waste segregation.

Once the project is fully operational, it will certainly be one of the best legacies of the city from Mayor Fernandez! – Leonardo Micua 


IT’S A NO-DEAL! –  Walang katotohanan.

This was the terse statement of Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Chair Rachel Arenas on the speculation, or better described as intrigue, being sowed and circulated to other newsmen in order to add fire to the flame being created – that she is seeking a provincial post.

Try, try lang nila baka sakaling bumenta ang kanilang intriga. But sorry, folks, the gossip mills will not have their luck this time.

The MTRCB Chair quickly said her piece even before the intrigue could spin beyond control and contaminate the minds of the political gods.

Nanahimik sa MTRCB si Ms. Rachel tapos kamukat-mukat niya, pinapalipad na ang tsika na mag ba-vice gov daw sya!

The wild spin was actually hatched by two men over some bottles of beer one rainy day in Dagupan, and they started to whisper the fake news to every Juan and Juana in local media.

“Never in my wildest dream did I ever think of running as vice gov,” Madam Arenas said.

She described this rumor as a pure product of wild imagination concocted by those spreading it.

Look. Indeed, if she really intends to run for a provincial post, she would have started guesting in different social events outside her district since Pangasinan is a big province.

But Ms. Rachel and her mom, Rep. Baby Arenas, confined their activities only in their district.

“Please stop that rumor. We still have a lot to do in our district,” she said, when I asked what message she wants to convey to the people.

Sa mga nagpapakalat ng maling balita, ihanap nyo na lang ng ibang makakapareha yung manok na gusto nyong patakbuhin as governor sa 2019 elections. Baka sakaling bumenta pa!

There! As far as Arenas is concerned, it’s a no deal!— Eva Visperas

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