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Why the Warriors are NBA champs again
(Happy Father’s Day!)

By Al S. Mendoza


AS expected, the Golden State Warriors retained their NBA basketball crown.

And they did it with aplomb:  Crush Cleveland by a 4-0 sweet sweep.

For one to be dealt that kind of a blow, it’s embarrassing to say the least.

And for it to be absorbed by Cleveland, which boasted of having the planet’s best player in its line-up, it’d be like a bitter pill to swallow.

But pre-playoffs predictions had pointed to that.

While betting stations in Las Vegas were bombarded with pro-Golden State bettors long before the series started, many also believed it would not end that way.

At least Cleveland could at least have won one or a couple in the best-of-seven series.

LeBron James should have done that.

As one endowed with virtual superhuman skills, LeBron James was destined to performing some impossible things.

Like gift Cleveland with some glorious moments—event if it would not have meant winning the title itself.

Hasn’t history been kind to LeBron James and the Cavaliers, when they went on to steal the 2016 NBA crown in a thrilling Game 7 victory over the Warriors?

But, sadly this year, it was not meant to be.

While Cleveland had in its bench the spitfirish and prolific scorer Kyrie Irving to help LeBron James win the 2016 title, their partnership ended when Irving moved to Boston in the 2018 season.

Thus, with Irving gone, LeBron James was left with a crew sorely lacking in talent.

As we all know, basketball is a team game.

Even as LeBron James is endowed with Spiderman-like powers, he would still need a supporting cast to fulfill a mission.

Unfortunately, LeBron James never had the luxury of owning yet again a lethal backup.

In contrast, the Warriors are a team since 2015—literally.

They have the perfect man for every position in a team game like basketball.

One, they won the league’s best guard in Stephen Curry, who does not only orchestrate plays but shoots threes as well with the crazy consistency of a hired assassin.

Two, they have a 6-11 forward in Kevin Durant that can dribble and then shoot threes in a shocking instant from as far as Antartica, doing the chore as easy as tossing pebbles into a manhole.

Three, forward Klay Thompson can be as sharp-shooter as John Wayne in his heyday; KT is a perfect reliever when both Curry and Durant are either resting or having a day-off from beyond the arc—which happens as rare as Digong’s curses while delivering a speech.

Three NBA titles in the last four years are screaming testaments to that incredible Warrior character.

It was, simply, that even before the 2018 Finals begun, the Warriors have become dynastic.

Isn’t the indestructible Draymond Green a gargantuan addition to the Warrior myth of invincibility?

But still, as a footnote, it was no fault of LeBron James that the Cavaliers got blanked, blown out of the court.

Endowed with a bench that is as deep as the Pacific Ocean, the Warriors are here to reign without end—seemingly.

LeBron James needs to scour the Atlantic Ocean for a much-needed reinforcement come next season.

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