Playing with Fire

Agenda for new Tapuac Kap Cuison

By Gonzalo Duque


WE open our column with a sad, touching news about everybody’s favorite martial arts actor Jet Li who is down with hyper thyroidism and spinal ailments.

He took over the place of Bruce Lee who died mysteriously at the height of his super stardom as a martial arts actor. Many Filipinos idolize these two Chinese-American actors. Let’s hope and pray that Jet Li survive the health crisis.

*          *          *          *

In my Barangay Tapuac, Dr. Nelson Cuison, son of the late Dr. Fausto Cuison, a former councilor of Dagupan City, defeated former Kapitan Jake Reyes.

            I hope Nelson will do something about the chronic garbage problem at the back of our Lyceum Northwestern University.

            We have called the attention of the barangay and even city officials about this stink. Sana mare-resolba na ito with finality with a doctor kapitan at the helm.

            Congrats, Kap Nelson and your team. You have our unqualified support.

*          *          *          *

In Manila, the advent of a new senate president, Tito Sotto, has been received with conflicting reactions, some with reservations because the new leader of the senate is a comedian actor. But I say, he is versatile, competent and hard working.

The new senate president who has replaced Koko Pimentel is the grandson of the famous radio commentator Damian Sotto who would pound the table so hard when attacking his pet peeves on the air, his listeners were amused if the table was made of Narra in order not to break.

We believe senate president Sotto has the guts and gift of articulation his lolo had.

Kailan kaya magkakaisip din ang kanyang kapatid na si Vic Sotto, a legend in the entertainment world?

*          *          *          *

Good news to cycling crazy Pangasinanses. A Mangaldan biking genius, Joshua Cariño, won the 2018 Le Tour de Filipinas over the weekend.

            He is a cousin of former Tour of Luzon champion Ruben Cariño also of Mangaldan and protégée of our fellow Sunday Punch columnist, Jess Garcia, also a Mangaldan resident.

            Bakit kaya magaling na siklista ang mga taga-Mangaldan? I am sure Mayor Bona de Vera will give Johua Cariño a hero’s welcome. Pride ng Mangaldan.

            At the same time, Gov. Pogi Espino was supremely ecstatic about Cariño’s feat, according to Jess Garcia who said that the provincial government has fully backed the participation of Pangasinan cyclists in Le Tour Filipinas.

            This column adds its words of congratulations for a feat well deserved.

*          *          *          *

We remember when we were a kid, we never missed to watch the Tour of Luzon classic every year. Kaya ang mga nag cha-champion sa event na ito ay para ring bayani natin tulad nina Rufino Gabot, Edmundo de Guzman, Mamerto Eden, Teofilo Cuison, and of course, Jess Garcia.

It should not be a surprise at all that Pangasinenses are cycling crazy. The founder of the Tour of Luzon was a Pangasinense, the late Atty. Gerry Lacuesta, kaibigan natin.

The sad news about Manong Gerry was that when he thought of putting up a velodrome in Bayambang where cycling enthusiasts would have their round the clock training, he tried his hand in fisheries development in order to raise funds for the benefit of Pangasinan sportsmen especially cyclists.

By what dint of fate, Manong Gerry got involved in local politics in Bayambang that resulted to his violent death. Tragic! But in the hearts and minds of sportsmen especially cyclists, the name Gerry Lacuesta is a national hero for giving birth to the immortal Tour of Luzon.

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