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NEVER MIND THE GUN, MIND THE POLICEMAN. – Policemen are expected to be marksmen.

They must hit their targets even if they are expected to be trained on subduing their criminal targets, without need to fire their guns at their targets indiscriminately.

During our not-so-often visits at the Sison Camp at the Pangasinan Provincial Office in Lingayen, we occasionally hear bursts of gunshots from the firing range.

During the 1st GenRom Cup Invitational Shootfest on March 8, Chief Superintendent Romulo Sapitula, police regional director, said cops’ shooting skills must be developed and harnessed, and their camaraderie improved.

It’s “pulis patola” image for the police when men in uniform, who are issued government firearms, are seen by people unable to arrest suspects who are getting away with their crimes.

Perhaps the question that begs an answer is: How many can really hit their targets?

Sapitula said the shootfest is one way to learn about their skills in shooting.

Mabuti naman kung ganun. But knowing how to use the gun is one thing, the other is the mental condition of the police officer equipped with the gun.

I’m reminded of the policeman arrested for indiscriminate firing of his service firearm at a beach resort in Barangay Nibaliw West, San Fabian Tuesday night (March 6).

Nabbed was SPO3 Senior Police Officer 3 Juan Solares, 40, assigned at Station 1 La Loma Police Station, Quezon City and a resident of San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal.

The 13-year-old daughter of the owner of the resort who requested anonymity said she saw the suspect fire his firearm after he met her near her room. The girl’s mother and their employee, who also requested not to be identified, immediately rushed to her after hearing the child shouting for help. They saw Solares holding a short firearm.

Solares surrendered his Colt MK IV series 80 cal. 45, government model with serial number FG88921 with inserted magazine, loaded with nine live ammunition to responding police personnel. Policemen recovered at the scene one fired case for caliber .45.

Charges for grave threat in relation to violation of Republic Act 7610 or Anti-Child Abuse Law.

Malamang si Solares ay lasing. Yun ang nakakatakot kapag lasing ang pulis at may dalang baril.  Malas ni Solares kasi yung beach house owner ay maimpluwensya ding tao.

Todas si Mamang Pulis. May kalalagyan sya ngayon.Eva Visperas


HAIL, HAIL THE FRATS ARE HERE! – Here’s a piece of good news. All fraternities will soon be officially recognized by the Dagupan City government and by the schools where they are established if a proposed ordinance by Councilor Jose Netu Tamayo, chairman on the committee on laws of the Dagupan City council, gets passed.

If that happens, Dagupan City will be the first Local Government Unit (LGU) in the entire archipelago to give official recognition to fraternities. It means the city and schools will stop going after fraternities given the terms and conditions defined in the proposed ordinance.

In brief, it seeks to harness the resources of the fraternities for community development and for maintaining law and order. In time, the fraternity war that we sometimes hear of will soon be a thing of the past.

To be known as “Fraternity Ordinance of the City of Dagupan”, the proposed measure, will in effect legalize the existence of all fraternities in the city, including those in schools.

Once fraternities’ legitimate existence are acknowledged, there would be no need for them to function underground like we have many of them today, to be hunted down like criminals.

The beauty of this proposed legislation is that the masters or leaders and members of the fraternities can begin to come out in the open and present their meaningful programs and projects, including their activities to the city.

In sharp contrast today, schools do not allow fraternities officially to conduct activities inside school campuses prompting them to organize and hold activities out of reach of school authorities and local governments. Their initiation rites are done in complete secrecy that often leads to candidates being maimed for life with no one being held accountable. We have seen too many of the these in the past.

The proposed ordinance will in effect encourage fraternities to channel their energies to more meaningful activities that will contribute to nation-building and to the development not only of their peers but to their group as well.

It acknowledges the importance of fraternities as a brotherhood organization and the wholesome benefits that one can derive after passing the established rules for initiation rites, i.e., social involvement, personal and professional development, networking and academic support.

Tamayo, a law graduate of San Beda College, said many fraternities have clear commitment to help their members achieve good grades in school. Some maintain study halls and where students who excel in their classes can tutor their fellow students who are still struggling in their academic courses. – Leonardo Micua

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