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GANDA MO PULIS — Good-looking policewomen will be assigned as desk officers in police stations.

That’s under the administration of new Police Regional Director Romulo Sapitula.

He shared this information during his Bombo Radyo Dagupan interview Thursday.

I’m glad to know Sapitula is exerting efforts to have media/radio interviews, thanks to the friendship fostered with Pangasinan newsmen by Superintendent Ferdinand “Bingo” de Asis, the police regional office’s able community relations officer /spokesman, who assists RD in his media dealing.

I must also commend Sir Bingo for sharing with us via text message crime reports happening in Pangasinan and other police concerns.  Maasahan ka talaga Sir, di tulad ng iba na hindi na nga ngumingiti, galit galit pa kung kinukulit ng media tungkol sa mga incident reports. Or worse, deadma lang ang mga follow up questions sa kanya.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be gender-biased. But if you put someone, especially a courteous, smiling and smiling policewoman as desk officer, siguro hindi matatakot ang mga tao, lalo na ang mga bata, na lumapit sa pulis sa kanilang himpilan.

That’s why RD Sapitula even encourages policewomen to look their best—well groomed and hygienic, para mas kaaya-aya sa mga tao.

He said “balbas, bigote, fingernails, lahat ng histura ng pulis ay sang-ayon sa kanilang patakaran at alituntunin, malinis, yung tamang hubog, these are some of how a policeman/woman should look.

Ang policewoman walang balbas, bigote, malinis ang mga kuko” and if I may add, palibahasa panay ang mani/pedicure kasi conscious sa mga kuko, sexy kasi ang pangit pag naka unform tapos bulging ang tiyan.

“Yung mga magagandang pulis, ifro-frontline natin at isama natin sa mga Flores de Mayo lalo na sa mga probinsiya natin, di ba dapat may mga ganyan, dapat may representative din yung kapulisan kasi ang pulis kasama kami sa komunidad para yung mga tao lalong mapalapit sa aming kapulisan,” he said.

Of course, he vowed to have different contests for the most gorgeous and handsome policemen.

He said such is the lighter side of police work. While we are very aggressive in our anti-criminality, anti-illegal drugs, let us balance the life of our police, he added.

Agree ako sir, pero wag naman yung magpaganda lang ang alam gawin ah. Kung maganda ang hitsura, dapat maganda rin ang pag-uugali.

Wag gayahin yung iba dyan na feeling guwapo kaya tuloy dinedma na lang ng mga lady reporters nung minsang aksidenteng nagkita sa isang kilalang coffee shop sa Dagupan. Hayun, tumalab ang pagkaka-isa ng mga kababaihang media laban sa kanya at medyo natauhan na ang mama.

Ibubulong ko sa ‘yo, RD Sapitula kung sino sya.- -Eva Visperas


BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS ON VACCINES — The stigma created by the controversy on the Dengvaxia vaccine has reportedly prompted many parents from across the country not to submit their children for regular vaccination.

This, to my mind, is uncalled for as it may lead to wholesale disaster in this country, leaving children very vulnerable to the many diseases, like measles and small pox, which the Department of Health has long conquered.

This is the reason an official of the Department of Health (DOH) regional office called on the public not to lose their trust and confidence on vaccination.

Vaccination suffered a serious blow as a result of what seemed to be a scandal in the administration of Dengvaxia vaccine to children of school age in Region III, National Capital Region (NCR) and Region IV-A.

Dr. Herminigilda Salanged, chief of the non-communicable section of DOH Region 1, believes that there has been no conclusive finding unearthed by experts yet that Dengvaxia was the caused of death of some children administered with the vaccine.

She urged parents to wait for the official results that will soon be made public once the probe is completed and not to immediately condemn the DOH and the government officials who allowed this vaccine to be administered to the children.

The DOH official urged the parents not to mistrust health professionals who are there to help prevent diseases and also appealed not to self-medicate, to cure and prevent diseases in their homes in lieu of vaccination.

Stressing that self-medication can be dangerous, she assured the public during the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkasters sa Pilipinas (KBP) forum on Thursday that they will be fully informed of the results of the investigation by experts, whether positive or negative, once the investigation is completed.

Dr. Salanged underscored on the need for a scientifically backed evidence before the public draws conclusions and condemns the Dengvaxia vaccine as well as those who allowed its importation and its administration to the children numbering some 700,000 more or less.

She admitted that parents are already reluctant to allow their children to be immunized by vaccines for other diseases because of what she personally calls “hilo” syndrome that says that when one is proven to be bad, all others are bad.

A psychiatric doctor before she specialized in non-communicable diseases, she understands the sentiments of parents over Dengvaxia but por pabor, they should not also reject other vaccines being given to the children that may save their toddlers.

She said all other vaccines were found effective and in fact they have succeeded in checking the spread of communicable diseases that affect children and ensured their good health throughout.

“Don’t listen to loose talks. Listen only to health professionals,” said Dr, Salanged, attributing the prevailing negative attitude of parents to opinions if not speculations published in social media and even in mainstream media that Dengvaxia is harmful sans any concrete evidence.

She called on media not to publish or air opinions not coming from authoritative sources, especially because of the prevalence of fake news in the social media nowadays.

She cited the case of smallpox which is no longer being heard now because it has already been eradicated as a result of the vaccination conducted by DOH, through the rural health units throughout the country some years ago.

Without defending Sanofi Pasteurs that supplied the controversial Dengvaxia, Salanged also appealed to the public not to lose faith in reputable companies from various parts of the globe that are spending millions and billions of dollars on research to find out the best and most effective drugs and medicines to combat diseases and save lives.

For us, there is no alternative yet for vaccination and parents must recognize and live by it. – Leonardo Micua

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