G Spot

Of men and TRAIN

By Virginia J. Pasalo


FOR a long while, I have not been to Jollibee V. Luna. I passed by it daily for the walk to the buko vendor, and for the daily affirmation of my love for the kaimito tree that still stands opposite its location. The kaimito has fruits now, green balls hanging all over its branches, like a Christmas tree.

Today, past the rush hour, there were only two tables occupied. Occasionally, I felt the nudge of the left hand of the male seated behind my back who spread his arms like a bird threatening to fly but had no energy to do so. I could glimpse he is not as fat as his desire for territoriality. I had a choice to ask him to put down his arm down on the table, but I noticed that his hands had the hands of a senior citizen. Also, when I turned, the other male specie he was talking to, smiled at me. Their plates had only crumbs and chicken bones, so I surmised, the wait for them to leave will not be long. Patience has its rewards.

“Pare, bababa ang price ng Lexus sa TRAIN, yung bagong tax reform program.”

“Hindi lahat, pare. Yung RX 350 F-Sport at yung RX 450h, will remain the same, even if there is an excise tax. Even if the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) will be lower by twenty percent, the price will still be at P4M-5M.”

“I need to sell Igoy’s property to have the commission, so I can buy now, before the price goes up.”

“Abalaan ko walay buyer mo la!” (I thought you have a buyer already!)

“On, balet say presyo nen Igoy, presyo na ag-mangilako. He wants P65,000 per square meter ta corner lot kuno. At Ferndale, the current market price is P45,000 per square.” (Yes, but the price given by Igoy is the price of one who does not really want to sell.)

“I can sell that, pare, to the widow who trusts me, no questions asked. Lately, I accompanied her to buy a new car. She is depressed. Her husband just died. She copes by buying left and right. Also, I feel like she likes me.”

“How do you know she likes you?”

“Kaluplupak kuno may inatey ya asawa to.” (She said, I look like her deceased husband.)

“She just needs a friend. Vulnerable at this stage. She will wake up next week, and you are forgotten.”

“Aha. I will make sure she falls for me. I am starting to like her too. She is not difficult to love. And you will get your commission.”

“Man-akis lamet may duaran asawam.” (Your two wives will cry again.)

“They are contented. They have money to spend. My first wife is old. My second wife is young and sexy, and always wants to, antam la (you know what). I cannot do that often. Sometimes I just want to talk. I feel I can talk to this one.”

“My lips are sealed, pare, we have a deal!”

With that they both stood up and boarded an ISUZU mu-X, still talking. The talk, I am sure, will not be cheap.

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