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Who is afraid of Mocha Uson?

By Al S. Mendoza


MOCHA Uson is being unfairly bashed.

She is also being criticized without basis.

Have we really gone nuts?

Are we now that ballistic-prone that we seem to have lost our common sense—common sense being the most crucial of all senses?

What has Mocha done this time to deserve this new round of bashing in the social media?

Did she say Mt. Apo is found in Legazpi City?

No, she didn’t.

Did she say Mayon Volcano is found in Naga City?

Yes, she did.

Big deal?

Of course, not.

But still, she got bashed for that—again—because Mayon Volcano is found in Legazpi and not in Naga.

In short, she made a mistake—again.

But what’s wrong with that?

Show me one who hasn’t made a mistake at all.

Even St. Peter committed a mistake (sin?) by denying Jesus Christ, not just once, not just twice but three times at that.

We can laugh at Mocha’s latest slip and that’d be very fine.

But to bash her—again—would be way out of line, absolutely.

She’s no “Double Jeopardy” material, and even DJ champs commit errors or gargantuan proportions, mind you.

It’s really hard being “up there.”

Mocha has been “up there” since Digong became President.

But who is afraid of Mocha Uson?

Or, are we really that afraid of her?

Or have the Mocha-haters become that paranoid that each time Mocha gets thrust into the limelight, they immediately raise hell—for the sake of raising hell?

A staunch Digong supporter from Day One of the 2016 presidential election, Mocha got herself rewarded with a government post as Communications assistant secretary.

Nothing wrong there.

But instead of getting applause, Mocha got her haters jeer her all the more.

And when Mocha’s rise to fame netted her an award from the Alumni Association of the University of Sto. Tomas for exemplary government service, this drew fire—again—from her bashers/haters.

That’s where the trouble is—again.

Just because Mocha was “up there” for the umpteenth time, she deserves to be bashed—again?

Whether she is deserving or not of the award is none of our business.

Who are we to say Mocha is not fit to receive it?

And, yes, did Mocha ask for the award—even lobbied for it?

Not at all.

To prove she never hankered for it, Mocha would return the award just as fast.

Seemingly, man is infinitely hurtful.

Undeservedly pained by his decision to fete Mocha, UST Alumni president Henry Tenedero resigned.

Another case of a person gone wrong while merely trying to do good to others—aren’t we here for others as the Good Book says?

My heart goes to him and to Mocha more importantly.

Since when is becoming the recipient of an award a crime?

I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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