G Spot

The armpit

By Virginia J. Pasalo


IT is a day of quiet, an unusual quietness in a place that teems with voices. My favorite seat, and the seats within its periphery were vacant. Only two women sat beside the adjacent table on my right, quietly drinking coffee. Suddenly, a voice, almost a whisper, but audible.

“Ambanget su kilikili to.” (His armpit smells bad.)

“Ay, agi, mabalabalaw ka. Pili ka nga pili, makapili ka’t kuggangi! Listen, sister, if you do not act fast, this one will get away, like all the others before him, and you will be a spinster.” (Ay, you are always criticizing. In the process of choosing, you might choose the worst!)

“Di spinster na kung spinster!” (So let me be a spinster!)

“You are 38 years old. It will be difficult to conceive at your age. It is impossible to conceive without a man.”

“Akin, si Virgin Mary ey? Jesus was conceived without a man.”

“Pilosopo ka la lamet. Anggapo’y laen to yan tungtungan! Never mind the armpit. He can use a deodorant. The armpit will not make you pregnant, his penis does.” (You are philosophizing. This conversation is going nowhere!)

“Tunda ka la. Simmabi la. Ikapot mo la tay sangim.” (Stop it. He arrived. Shut your mouth.)

From V. Luna Street, he walked confidently in a blue t-shirt, wiping his sweat with a blue towel, in his blue rubber shoes. He looked young and virile, and his manhood proudly protruded, despite being contained in his tight shorts. From the way he swayed, he could shoot one sperm right on the egg, and end someone’s spinsterhood.

“The air smells good outside. Let’s try it together sometime.”

She smiled and nodded, covered her nose discreetly with tissue paper, but could not resist looking at his crotch.



aga’y lay bayag
na panagpili
dakel lay limmabas
a akasangi
unakulaw la yan bii
ed kakapili!


Too long

it has taken so long
to choose
so many have passed
this woman is aging
in the process of choosing!

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